Metal Anarchy’s Picks For Top 10 Albums Of 2016

I have crafted my Top 10 Album list for 2016. You can check that out below. This is just for fun, and I know I left out a lot, but these are all good albums that I enjoyed this year.


10. The Pretty Reckless – “Who You Selling For”

The Pretty Reckless made an impact the rock world with their sophomore effort “Going To Hell” and “Who You Selling For” is no exception. The effort has a classic, bluesy rock style with amazing vocals courtesy of Taylor Momsen. Highlights from this one include the instant classic “Take Me Down,” Oh My God,” and “Back To The River.”

09. Lacuna Coil – “Delirium”

Lacuna Coil recorded one of their heaviest releases yet with “Delirium.” The effort recalls the band’s early days while bringing in a few elements from their later work. The guitar work really stands out, due to the multiple guests including Myles Kennedy (Slash, Alter Bridge), Diego Cavallotti (Neptune’s Rage) and Mark Vollelunga (Nothing More), and Cristina Scabbia’s and Andrea Ferro’s vocals are as dynamic as ever. Highlights from this one include “Downfall,” “You Love Me ‘Cause I Hate You,” and “The House Of Shame.”

08. Korn – “The Serenity Of Suffering”

Korn definitely returned to form with “The Serenity Of Suffering.” It is a really catchy effort that has the spirit of the band’s earlier work such as “Take A Look In The Mirror.” Highlights from this one include “When You’re Not There,” “A Different World,” feat. Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) “Black Is The Soul” and “Everything Falls Apart.”

07. Megadeth – “Dystopia”

Megadeth’s latest effort was definitely a force to be reckoned with. It is one of the band’s best releases. It is full of political based lyrics over top notch musicianship ranging from Dave Mustaine’s and Kiko Loureiro’s masterful guitar work to Chris Adler’s (Lamb Of God) thunderous drumming. Highlights from this one include “Poisonous Shadows,” “Post-American World,” and “Dystopia.”

06. Black Stone Cherry – “Kentucky”

Southern rockers Black Stone Cherry have done it once again. They recorded a hard hitting album that went back to their roots with a little bit of a heavier vibe. Highlights from this one include “The Way Of The Future,” “Soul Machine,” and the very emotional track “The Rambler.”

05. Killswitch Engage – “Incarnate”

Killswitch Engage’s latest release is the second album since the return of Jesse Leach, and it is one of the band’s strongest efforts. It is full of aggressive, melodic, and groovy tracks with personal lyrics. Highlights from this one include “Hate By Design,” “Until The Day I Die,” and “Embrace the Journey…Upraised.”

04. Volbeat – “Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie”

You can’t really go wrong with Volbeat and “Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie” is no exception. The effort is very hooky and full of melody, while maintaining the group’s unmistakable sound. Highlights from this one include “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown,” “Seal The Deal,” and their cover of Teenage Bottlerocket’s “Rebound.”

03. Green Day – “Revolution Radio”

Green Day released their first album since the “¡Uno!,” ¡Dos,!” “¡Tré!” trilogy and it definitely did not disappoint. It is a  politically charged and very personal effort with songs that range from punk tracks like “Bang Bang” to slower rock songs like “Still Breathing.” Highlights from this one include the previously mentioned songs, as well as “Say Goodbye,” “Youngblood,” and “Forever Now.”

02. Avenged Sevenfold – “The Stage”

Fans were left amazed when Avenged Sevenfold surprise released “The Stage” back in October. The album brings the band back to their classic sound, which seemed to be lost on “Hail To The King.” The musicianship is on point, and the lyrics are very interesting considering the scientific and artificial intelligence themes. Highlights from this one include “Exist,” which features a guest spot from Neil DeGrasse Tyson, “God Damn,”  “The Stage,” and “Creating God.”

01. Metallica – “Hardwired…to Self-Destruct”

Number one is none other than the mighty Metallica. It took eight years for a proper follow up to “Death Magnetic” and it was worth the wait. The riff infused effort combines elements of the band’s thrash roots with elements of the “Black Album” and even efforts like “Load” to offer a sound that was years in the making. Highlights from this release include “Hardwired,” “Moth Into Flame,” “Dream No More,” “ManUnkind,” and their Lemmy Kilmister tribute “Murder One.”

These are Metal Anarchy’s picks for top 10 albums of the year. Once again, I know I left out a lot. If I had time, I would have probably could have even made a top 20 list. Bands such as Deftones, Meshuggah, In Flames, Thrice, Testament, and more all had stellar albums as well, making it extremely hard to craft this list. Thanks for reading.


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