Black Fast Cover Thin Lizzy’s “Thunder And Lightning”

Black Fast are streaming their cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Thunder And Lightning,” via Ultimate Classic Rock. Havok guitarist Reece Scruggs guests on the track, which can be heard below:

Aaron Akin said the following:

“Thin Lizzy is my favorite band. “I have this double live album they recorded on their last tour called ‘Life‘ that starts with this song. You can hear the crowd, imagine them walking out onstage and going right into this track. Sadly ‘Thunder And Lightning‘ was the last Thin Lizzy record, Phil died a few short years after its release. It oozes cool, as he did. And the John Sykes guitar solo! I had to call on one of my best buds Reece Scruggs [Havok] to step up and let one rip for us and he absolutely nailed it. I think this fucker landed pretty cool. Its dangerous. it’s streetlights and leather. It’s a switchblade.”