Diamond Head Premiere Animated Video For Cover Of Metallica’s “No Remorse”

Diamond Head have premiered an animated video for their cover of Metallica’s “No Remorse.” This track is included on the band’s new re-recorded version of “Lightning To The Nations,” which was released today (November 20).

Brian Tatler commented:

“I wanted to cover a song from Metallica’s debut album, ‘Kill ‘Em All’. Partly because Metallica covered songs from Diamond Head’s debut album ‘Lightning To The Nations’ and it felt like things have come full-circle to me. None of the band members knew how to play any of the songs from ‘Kill ‘Em All’ and I eventually decided we should all learn ‘No Remorse’. Then when we got into the rehearsal room, we played ‘No Remorse’ and immediately it just sounded great, it was very ‘Diamond Head’ and it really suited us as a band. Of the four covers we ended up doing, ‘No Remorse’ sounded the best straight away. I’ve seen Metallica live over twenty times and they don’t play ‘No Remorse’ very often, but it’s always great when they do!”

Rasmus Bom Andersen added:

“Of all the four covers, we almost didn’t have to work on ‘No Remorse’. We all had to learn the parts, and it’s very difficult to play, but in rehearsal it did sound fantastic and we thought: ‘yeah, yeah, it’s gonna be mega’. It was almost surreal when we did it because it just felt incredibly familiar.”

Metallica Share Live Footage Of “No Remorse” From 1985 Metal Hammer Festival

Metallica have shared some live footage of them playing “No Remorse” live at the 1985 Metal Hammer Festival. This clip is from their new DVD, which will be included in the remastered deluxe box set of “Ride The Lightning.” That release will be available on April 15, along with the remastered deluxe edition of “Kill ‘Em All.”

Incite Premiere “No Remorse” Music Video

Incite have premiered a new video for their song “No Remorse,” via Loudwire. This song is from the band’s new album, “Oppression,” which will be released on April 22.

Richie Cavalera said the following:

“The video for ‘No Remorse‘ will definitely have viewers on the edge of their seats. We brought back director Robert Sexton, who always tries to push boundaries, and he surely did on this one. We wanted a video that showcased powerful women killing men and doing it with no remorse.

Each member of the band is killed a different way. The video ends with a final bloodbath as all four women hold their kill for the world to see. You’ll definitely watch it over and over again trying to catch all the subtle details in each murder.”