Ho99o9 And Pussy Riot Premiere “Mind Yo Bizness” Video

Ho99o9 and Pussy Riot have premiered a new video for their new collaborative track “Mind Yo Bizness.” This song is from Ho99o9’s newly released mixtape “Ho99o9 Presents Territory : Turf Talk Vol. 1.” theOGM (aka LilBooth) produced the effort and he had the following to say about it:

“There’s something powerful in moving as an army, as a unit, as a force. It’s paying homage to all the collectives/crews like Wu-Tang, Dip Set, G Unit, Ruff Ryders, Rawkus, Roc a Fella/State Property, FlipMode Squad, O.F., A.S.A.P.”

“Ho99o9 Presents Territory : Turf Talk Vol. 1” Track Listing:

01. “Woke Up Dreaming” (Nah Elllis, N8NOFACE & Elete)
02. “Tummy Tuck” (Hoddy, the Young Jedi & Mother Lurk)
03. “Ima Die Wit It” (N8NOFACE, Yeti Bones & Pink Siifu)
04. “Bad Posture” (Hoddy, the Young Jedi, LilBooth & Gnar)
05. “Ass In the Air” (Plack Blague)
06. “Chasin Burgundy” (Dani Miller & LilBooth)
07. “Mind Yo Bizness” (Ho99o9 & Pussy Riot)
08. “Decisions Gotta Be Made” (LilBooth, Chase & Elete)
09. “Eye Razor” (LilBooth, Hoddy, the Young Jedi & Krash Battle)
10. “Christina” (Brainorchestra & Elete)
11. “DATMYBU” (Jahsh Banks & MoRuf)
12. “Ask Again” (Jesse Boykins III & LilBooth)
13. “I LIke Drank” (‘89 the Brainchild)
14. “Problemos” (Peso Gordon & Hoddy, the Young Jedi)
15. “Dis Shit Cold” (Hoddy, the Young Jedi, Reaper Mook & The General)
16. “All The Time” (Yeti Bones)
17. “Y’all Don’t Sell Dope” (Hollywood Dick)
18. “Tall Shadows” (Hoddy, the Young Jedi)