Y&T’s Dave Meniketti Opens Up About His Battle With Prostate Cancer

During a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk,” Y&T’s Dave Meniketti opened up about his battle with prostate cancer. The frontman is currently receiving treatment for the disease and will soon be undergoing five weeks of external radiation.

Meniketti said the following when asked how his cancer was discovered:

“Back in 2018, I hurt my back and was completely out; I mean, I could not play. We had to cancel an entire European tour in the fall, which we do religiously every year. And I’m laying on my back and I’m in amazing pain and it was the first time anything like that had ever happened. But one of the things that I was thinking about while I was laying there is, ‘Wow, I haven’t had a PSA test,’ which is the blood test that you have to screen yourself for possibly having prostate cancer. And I’m really good about getting my yearly exams and everything else, and I realized that I’d skipped a year or two; I think it was the longest I’d ever gone without getting my yearly physical or something. So I thought, ‘Okay, well, I’d better get back on [track] here.’ And I went and I had my PSA test and it came back high. It was over the average… It’s like zero to four, anything in that range you’re okay, and I was over that by a little bit; I was like 5.3 or something. So I went in to see my urologist, and he said, ‘All right, we’re gonna have to take a biopsy. And we’ll just do a simple one in the office and we’ll basically send that biopsy off and see what’s happening.’ Well, it came back negative. But then he said… A couple of weeks later, I was all, ‘Okay. Great.’ And then a couple of weeks later, he goes, ‘Well, I sent that same biopsy to this other lab that does this type of thing…’ And I can’t remember what it is, but basically they look at the biopsy and they figure out whether or not maybe he just missed the area where it really was. I mean, the prostate’s not very big, but if you’re taking 12 little samples of it, snippets of it, you could very well miss the actual area where if there was cancer, if it was there or not. And so that came back as a 47 percent chance or more that I did still have cancer but they just missed it. So he said, ‘So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re just gonna watch. We’re gonna have you take a PSA test every six months, and we’re gonna watch it.’ And it went down a little bit the next time, and then it went up, but it wasn’t much more different than where it was the first time it was up. And so we just watched it and watched it. And I kept asking, I go, ‘Well, I’m still over.’ He goes, ‘Well, there’s a lot of people that can be over that number four and still be okay. It’s just a strange thing; some people just live with a higher number. But we’re just gonna watch it.’ And he goes, ‘If it spikes up a couple of numbers or something like that, then we’re gonna do the next step.’ Well, just after December of last year — at the end of the holiday — I went in about December 30th or so and had my PSA and it was 6.25. And I said, ‘Okay, this is getting scary.’ And I went back to him and he said, ‘All right. We’re gonna do the next step,’ which is take an MRI, a prostate MRI, which literally takes thousands of slices of pictures of your prostate, so they can really tell whether there’s something in there. And sure enough, there was. So he said, ‘Okay, you have prostate cancer. So now we’re gonna take you into the hospital and do another biopsy which is gonna be guided much more clearly, ’cause we know now where this thing is.’ And so they took the biopsy, and he said, ‘You’re lucky.’ He goes, ‘We’ve gotten it pretty early here, and your scores are really good.'”

He went on to say that he was presented with several treatment options:

“One of them is to just take out the prostate completely, and the other one is to treat it with radiation. And I opted for the second because there are potentially more problems with taking it out at my age. When you’re younger, it’s not nearly as big of a deal, but there’s more problems potentially, like I say. And the outcome for both is exactly the same. So it’s, like, ‘I’m gonna deal with this.’ So [my wife] Jill and I researched it in detail online, we talked to, of course, my urologist and then met the oncologist that would get involved with this decision. And they all said exactly the same thing, that we had been researching and hearing from other cancer survivors and such, that if you do this particular two-stage process, you’ve got as good of an outcome as taking out the prostate completely. So I indeed opted for that. And it’s basically they insert these radioactive seeds called brachytherapy, and they put it straight into the prostate and they put about 30 or 40 of them in there and they do about 70 percent of the work at killing the cancer. And they just stay there forever, but they have about a six-month amount of putting out full radiation and then after that they pretty much die off. I had it about three weeks ago, almost, and I was kind of concerned, ’cause I had shows to play, and the first one was the Fillmore one week after I had that surgery. And I was, like, ‘Can I do this?’ And I was asking both doctors, and they said, ‘Yeah, you’re probably gonna be just fine. You might have a little bit of pain,’ and so on and so forth. But I made it through. And then the next week was last weekend, and both shows went off great. And I had not that much pain overall, so it was not too bad.”

He also added:

“Five weeks after they insert those seeds, I go for external radiation, and that’s five straight weeks of that five days a week. And it’s very targeted. They, I guess, give you these little tattoos — which will be my first tattoos, by the way. [Laughs]”

“I’m 68 years old — I don’t mind telling you that, because I’m proud of the fact that I’ve still got it as far as my voice is still there, I can still play guitar, the band sounds great, so I’m not worried about it. And [the radiation] starts about three weeks from now — somewhere around there; maybe two and a half; I haven’t gotten the date yet from the oncologist when that’s gonna start. But Jill, who is my manager and my wife, had set it up so that I wasn’t gonna play any shows for at least a month after the end of that five-week treatment. Because even though I don’t lose my hair or I don’t get sick or anything like that, you will potentially lose some energy midway through the treatment because you’re getting doused with radiation. So it’s bound to happen. But it’s not chemotherapy, so there’s nothing like that type of thing.”

“This is one of those cancers, if you catch ’em early, you can be one hundred percent fixed — it’s over; it’s done; you’re sorted. I mean, sure, it could come back at some point, but even if it does, they can treat it again. You usually outlive this cancer, if you get it early enough. So, luckily, I have gotten it early enough. And the urologist and the oncologist both feel that at the end of this five-week radiation therapy I should be done. And then I will continue to get PSA tests more frequently to really double check to make sure that the numbers go way down.”

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Y&T’s Dave Meniketti Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Y&T’s Dave Meniketti has been diagnosed prostate cancer. Fortunately, the frontman says the disease was caught early and “the likelihood of surviving this is very high.”

Meniketti issued the following statement:

“First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who have sent nice thoughts my way after hearing I had to move shows for a hospital procedure. I very much appreciate that.

Now, I’ll get right to it. After numerous blood tests, an extensive MRI, and last Friday’s biopsy, I have been diagnosed with Prostate cancer. My doctor says we caught it early and the likelihood of surviving this is very high. Over 90% of patients with this type of cancer (thankfully mine is relatively slow growing) are cured and live out their life expectancy. Having spent a lifetime of staying on top of my health, and having caught this early, may be the reason why I should fully survive this. I urge everyone to listen to your bodies & get regular checkups. I know plenty of people that didn’t do that, and it has been the difference between an extended life and death. 😢

Concerning how this affects upcoming shows, the Santa Cruz and Tracy Theatre shows will be unaffected by this and will go on as planned. But because of my lengthy treatment schedule, coming after those shows, we must cancel the Phoenix, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and San Juan Capistrano shows. Check the Y&T tour dates page for updates. We’re expecting all other shows to remain intact.

Though I’m generally not a person that believes entertainers need to share their medical issues in public, I felt it was just too hard to keep everyone in doubt…especially since many of you have been with us for Y&T’s almost 50-year career and are like extended family.

Regardless of this news, I am doing fine, feeling well, and look forward to getting this behind me 😏 and continuing to bring the music to you for many years to come.

-Dave Meniketti”

Y&T Postpone Upcoming Shows As Dave Meniketti Prepares To Undergo “Critical Medical Procedure”

Y&T’s Dave Meniketti will be undergoing a “critical medical procedure” on February 11. As a result, the band have postponed their shows in Tracy, CA and Santa Cruz, CA

The group commented:

“The Tracy & Santa Cruz shows have been rescheduled, but for a different reason: Dave must have a critical medical procedure on February 11–that’s the soonest his doctor and the hospital are available, it’s the only date this month, and it’s important to do ASAP.

He’s then ordered to rest for the first 48 hours after the procedure, so the entire weekend is out for him. We thank you for understanding that Dave’s health comes first. He very much looks forward to putting this necessity behind him and returning to the stage. Meanwhile, we all wish him the best.

The following shows were rescheduled to the dates listed below:

Tracy, CA @ The Grand Theatre is now Friday 25 February
Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst is now Saturday 26 February”

Y&T Share Alternate Version Of “If You Want Me” Focusing On Dave Meniketti’s “Raw” Vocal Performance

Y&T have shared an alternate version of their song “If You Want Me.” The band commented:

“This track is from the 2010 Y&T ‘Facemelter’ record and is mostly just Dave [Meniketti]’s vocal, with a little of the guitar mixed lower in the background. Dave was going to post this with only the vocal track, but thought this was a better musical representation of this raw performance. Taken directly from the record’s digital multi-track files with no Equalization, effects, or compression. You are hearing the raw performance, just as Dave heard it in his headphones, as he sang it. All the other tracks have been muted (Drums, other electric guitars, and bass. Just a peek into how this came together before Tom Size mixed the entire track.”

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Y&T’s Dave Meniketti Says He Is Feeling “Fine” After Recently Exhibiting “A Few Of The Coronavirus Symptoms”

Y&T’s Dave Meniketti recently exhibited “a few of the coronavirus symptoms” after returning home from the band’s recent U.S. tour. However, the frontman says he is now feeling “fine.”


Meniketti said the following:

“All the Y&T family have been home from our US Tour now for a little over 2 weeks, and it’s really strange as I reflect back on how quickly things have changed since our last show in Boise, ID. On the positive side, we had a fantastic 7 week tour that started in Las Vegas in the middle of January, which seems like a year ago! The tour was to end in the Pacific Northwest, however those 3 shows were rescheduled to July.

The day we arrived home, March 13th, most of the boys were in good shape except for me and Jill. I did get sick that first day back with a few of the coronavirus symptoms, Jill a little less so. Though I never got tested to know for certain, it ended up being fairly mild and Jill and I are both fine, having isolated for about 17 days now.

The other day I heard that 3 of our fellow bay area bands, Testament, Death Angel, and Exodus came home from their Europe/UK tour the same day as we got home, but didn’t fare so well. Many of the band members and crew folks got coronavirus, including Chuck Billy. I know this is probably old news now, but I wanted to give my best to all of those guys and hope everyone is doing well. And for the drummer of Death Angel, Will Carroll, who last I heard was in ICU, all of Y&T hope he will come out of this and get back to being healthy soon. In fact, Chuck Billy did an interview for Rolling Stone about what happened in this excellent article, in case you didn’t see this. https://www.rollingstone.com/…/testament-chuck-billy-coron…/

Though we very much miss playing live shows, I wanted to put this out there that from our family to yours, stay safe, and we’ll see you on the other side of this – hopefully in the summer!


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Y&T Confirm Release Date For Long-Awaited Documentary “On With The Show”

Y&T’s new documentary, “Y&T: On With The Show – The Documentary,” will finally be released on DVD on November 26 and on Blu-ray on December 31. The effort, which can be pre-ordered HERE, will come with the following:

Y&T “On With the Show” Documentary. 2 disc set including the actual documentary (143 minutes) with 8 deleted scene bonus material, plus an “Encore” disc (137 minutes) with 9 special featurettes – for a total of nearly 5 hours of material. Available in DVD. (Blu-Ray coming soon.)

Disc 1: Documentary + Bonus Material
Disc 2: Encore: 9 Special Featurettes

Y&T Drop Off Saxon’s European Tour

Y&T have dropped off Saxon’s upcoming European tour due to Dave Meniketti’s back injury. The decision was made after the frontman’s doctor advised him to take more time to recover. FM will now be taking their place.

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***TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT*** It is with great regret that we announce the San Francisco rockers Y&T will not be joining us on the Saxon Thunderbolt European Tour this Autumn as previously announced. Y&T guitarist Dave Meniketti has a serious back injury that has meant he cannot travel to Europe for the shows. Dave Meniketti states: “It is with great disappointment that I announce Y&T's decision to withdraw from Saxon's upcoming fall Europe/UK tour. As many of you already know, I severely injured my back in July and have been under the care of a sports doctor/back specialist ever since. After I received two rounds of cortisone injections to reduce the inflammation, we all had high hopes I'd get "back on the field" in time for this tour. But as many people know, recovering from this kind of back injury takes time. Given the advice of my doctor and the urging of everyone around me, really, the only course of action for my long-term health is to stay home and properly complete my recovery. This decision has weighed heavily on me–and believe me, I'd much rather be on tour playing for all of you–but getting on an 11-hour flight and sitting for five weeks on drives of up to 10+ hours every day in a van traveling 11,000 miles/18,000 km would be a reckless approach at this stage of my recovery. I can't risk another setback like I experienced last month when I played a show against my doctor's advice. I apologize to the fans and to our buddies in Saxon for any inconveniences and disappointments that this has caused. We're big fans of Saxon and consider them to be one of the best live straight-ahead rock bands out there, so we're all disappointed to miss what surely would've been a great time on tour with them. For my part, and for Y&T going forward, I'm on the mend and can't wait to get back up on stage later this year. To our amazing fans in Europe and the UK, again, my apologies. We'll be back in 2019” Saxon have added UK rock band FM to the bill as Y&T’s replacement for all the shows Biff Byford “we were gutted to hear of Dave’s injury and we wish him all the best in a full recovery very soon. We are pleased to announce FM are joining us now on all the dates.

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Y&T Announce Two Special Acoustic Shows

Y&T have announced that they will be playing special acoustic sets on July 13 at Downtown & Vine in Sacramento, CA and on July 15 at Nonno’s in Los Gatos, CA. Fans that attend will be able to experience the newest Meniketti Wines and will also be able to hang out with frontman Dave Meniketti, his wife and Y&T manager Jill, and the rest of the band after the show. Tickets can be found HERE.


Here’s Y&T’s current touring schedule:

08/03 – Santa Cruz, CA – Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
08/04 – San Luis Obispo, CA – Fremont Theater
08/24 – Berkeley, CA – Cornerstone
08/25 – Merced, CA – Merced Theatre
09/06 – Hinckley, MN – Grand RockTember Music Festival
09/19 – Brussels, Belgium – AB
09/21 – Munich, Germany – Theaterfabrik
09/22 – Oberhausen, Germany – Turbinenhalle
09/23 – Leipzig, Germany – Haus Auensee
09/25 – Hamburg, Germany – Grosse Freheit
09/27 – Oslo, Norway – Rockefeller
09/28 – Trollhättan, Sweden – Apollon
09/29 – Stockholm, Sweden – Arenan
10/01 – Berlin, Germany – Huxley’s
10/02 – Pratteln, Switzerland – Z7
10/04 – Stuttgart, Germany – LKA Longhorn
10/05 – Milan, Italy – Live Club
10/06 – Marseille, France – Le Moulin
10/07 – Lyon, France – Le Transbordeur
10/09 – Toulouse, France – Bikini
10/11 – Madrid, Spain – La Riviera
10/12 – Bilbao, Spain – Santana 27
10/13 – Barcelona, Spain – Razzmatazz
10/15 – Paris, France – Bataclan
10/16 – Utrecht, Netherlands – Tivoli
10/18 – Glasgow, UK – Barrowland
10/19 – London, UK – Roundhouse
10/20 – Portsmouth, UK – Guildhall
10/21 – Manchester, UK – Manchester Academy
11/16 – Petaluma, CA – Mystic Theatre
11/17 – Petaluma, CA – Mystic Theatre

Y&T’s Dave Meniketti Explains Documentary Delay

During a recent interview with Tigman of Albany, New York’s Q103, Y&T’s Dave Meniketti offered an explanation for the delay of the band’s “On With The Show” documentary. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s been taking an extremely long time to get that thing sorted out. The documentary filmmakers just had no idea how much work was involved and how many different artists wanted to be in the documentary and so on and so forth, so it’s taken a whole lot longer than they expected. But I just want all the fans out there to know that it is gonna happen, it is gonna come out sometime this year. I have no idea when, but we just keep prodding them back home and saying, ‘Cmon, guys. You almost done yet?’ But it’s turning out fantastic. I’ve seen a lot of the footage, as have all the guys in the band, and we’ve had nothing but great feedback from all of us.”

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Y&T To Release New Acoustic EP

Y&T will be releasing a new acoustic EP, titled “Acoustic Classix Vol. 1,” in January. You can preorder that HERE.

“Acoustic Classix Vol. 1” Track Listing:

01. “Contagious”
02. “Rock ‘N’ Roll’s Gonna Save The World”
03. “Summertime Girls”
04. “Black Tiger”
05. “Barroom Boogie”
06. “Rescue Me”