Glen Drover (Ex-Megadeth) Recruits Testament, Ex-Judas Priest, Etc. Members For Walls Of Blood’s Debut Album

Walls Of Blood, the project led by Glen Drover (ex-Megadeth), will release their debut album “Imperium” on February 22. The effort will feature 10 tracks with numerous guests including current and former members of Testament, Judas Priest, Queensrÿche, etc.

“Imperium” Track Listing:

01. “Leave This World Behind” (feat. Nils K. Rue)
02. “Discordia” (feat. Todd La Torre)
03. “Waiting To Die” (feat. Chuck Billy)
04. “Blood Sacrifice Ritual” (feat. Henning Basse)
05. “Tarnished Dream” (feat. Tim Owens)
06.” Walls Of Blood” (feat. Matt Cuthbertson)
07. “The Fault Of Man” (feat. Henning Basse)
08. “Dark Lords Of Sleep” (feat. Dan Cleary)
09. “Junkhead” (Alice In Chians cover) (feat. Lance Harvill)
10. “Seven Spirits” (feat. Henning Basse)