Former Primer 55 Vocalist Jason “J-Sin” Luttrell Passes Away

Former Primer 55 vocalist Jason “J-Sin” Luttrell has sadly passed away. He had previously been in poor health due to health issues related to Hepatitis C. R.I.P.

Former Primer 55 bassist Joshua Toomey said the following:

“Jason was the voice of not only Primer 55, but as well as the voice of an era and a kind human being. He had his troubles and vices but in the end will be missed by all.”

Former Primer 55 guitarist/vocalist Bobby Burns also commented:

“At 8:31 pm central time yesterday I lost a person that was once my very best friend in the world. Riding around Memphis TN on skate boards in the middle of the night and being stupid. Writing songs. Talking about dreams. Our dream came true and we signed a record deal that would forever change our lives.

It was a roller coaster that turned best friends into business partners and boredom that turned business partners into reckless humans that made lots of bad choices. We had ALOT of fun at times but also a lot of drama. I’m sad we never got the chance to reconnect on any level. My prayers are with your family. Rest easy Jason Luttrell.”

[via The PRP]