Omnium Gatherum Recruit Nick Cordle (Ex-Arch Enemy) For Upcoming Touring

Omnium Gatherum have revealed that ex-Arch Enemy guitarist Nick Cordle will be joining them for their upcoming touring. The band said the following:

“Nick Cordle (ex-Arch Enemy) will jump in to Omnium Gatherum collective as a stunt ninja guitarist for 70000 Tons of metal cruise, starting tomorrow, and for upcoming March/April North American tour. Nick have been filling-in too in Insomnium two US-tours playing alongside Markus Vanhala, so the magicianship between these two misters have been already well tested and well crafted – come and check out!”

Omnium Gatherum Release New Song “Chaospace” & Cover Of Sepultura’s “We Who Are Not As Others”

Omnium Gatherum have released a new song titled “Chaospace,“ along with a cover of Sepultura‘s “We Who Are Not As Others.” You can check out both of those below. Markus Vanhala had the following to say about the new track:

“‘Chaospace‘ – head banging, skull crushing straight-forward OG melodeath assault and the evil cousin of ‘The Burning Cold‘ legacy! It’s not exactly ‘the new’ song representing where the band is heading at the moment, as this song was recorded already during ‘The Burning Cold‘ -sessions back in early 2018. It didn’t exactly fit the album drama and entirety, so we decided to keep it to be released later as a stand-alone single track and a reminder that we’re here alive an’ well! …And now’s the time to unleash this beasty – right before our European headliner tour, that’s starting next week, where we’re gonna kick your arse every night with this ‘Chaospace‘ bastardo too. N-joy & see you down the road once again!!!”

Omnium Gatherum Premiere “Refining Fire” Music Video

Omnium Gatherum have premiered a new video for their song “Refining Fire.“ This track is from the band’s new album “The Burning Cold,“ which will be released on August 31. Jukka Pelkonen commented:

“The new video song ‘Refining Fire‘ is a story about not giving up and the power of staying clear-headed inside oneself, as well as in the outside world too within all the chaotic turbulence.

It is the never-ending stream, the river that carries us and it is the fire that refines us. Stay strong and hold your head up high. You deserve it! …Musically speaking, this is maybe the most OG old schoolish song on the new album!”

Omnium Gatherum Reveal Cover Art & Track Listing For New Album “The Burning Cold”

Omnium Gatherum have revealed the cover art and track listing for their new album “The Burning Cold.” That effort will be released on August 31 via Cenury Media.

“The Burning Cold” Track Listing:

01. “The Burning”
02. “Gods Go First”
03. “Refining Fire”
04. “Rest In Your Heart”
05. “Over The Battlefield”
06. “The Fearless Entity”
07. “Be The Sky”
08. “Driven By Conflict”
09. “The Frontline”
10. “Planet Scale”
11. “Cold”

Omnium Gatherum To Release New Album “The Burning Cold” In August

Omnium Gatherum have announced that their new album will be titled “The Burning Cold.” The effort will be released on August 31 via Cenury Media.

Guitarist Markus Vanhala said the following:

“Sometimes you can be extra proud of something you’ve achieved, and I could claim that ‘The Burning Cold’ album has a sense of special chapter for me. I haven’t been this excited for a new album of mine for ages!

I’ve been extra busy with all the touring in the past year(s) and I truly don’t know when and where I got these songs made. They somehow wrote themselves indeed. We got some really good kick-ass songs and fresh tunes made up and ‘The Burning Cold‘ has a really honest feeling in it. Fresh rebirth of Omnium Gatherum!

We are honored kick off this album cycle with a pre-release show for the new album at one of our favorite festivals in the field, SUMMER BREEZE. You can hear debut live shots of some of the new songs there, so be sure not to miss all this excitement, new glory and fresh mistakes!”

Vocalist Jukka Pelkonen also added:

“There are two major lyrical concepts on the new album;

Firstly, it touches the great human tragedies and fortunes which are around us – Tragedies such as war and the engulfing darkness that follows, and Fortunes which are tangled in experiences we all share despite of the seemingly burning world.

Secondly, the lyrics speak loudly of the human emotional condition. How do we love? Why do we hate? Why some things are easier to leave behind than others. Why does death terrify us, and if it does why do people act like it does not exist?

This album is a pinnacle of all the hard work we as a group have done in OG for a long time. The music comes alive and reaches new perspectives. Still. This is truly melodic death metal. Sharpened polished, brutal.”

Omnium Gatherum Offer New Album Update

Guitarist Markus Vanhala has offered an update on the new Omnium Gatherum album. You can see what he had to say below. The effort is expected to be released in late summer.


“Greetings from the studio vaults! We’re busy at forging the new Omnium Gatherum album during the Finnish winter madness season – hopes are high here, even though the outside temperature isn’t. A lot of special good stuff is going on, and new adventures are coming up for camp OG. We’re just in the middle of recording guitar and synth stuff for the next album, and all I can say is that this is gonna be one bad-ass album.

“Again we trust our good ol’ tour de force of Teemu Aalto doing recording and producing, and Dan Swanö who will fix it in the mix and master the universe. Everything’s been going really well and easily so far with producing this successor for the successful Grey Heavens, and I’ll promise this album’s gonna beat the previous one for real! The league of angry old men are here for your enjoyment! Already at this early stage it seems like this is going to be OG’s epic guitar heroism magnum opus… Maybe, haha… Me and Joonas have found some great spirit of the lost shred guys. All hail the almighty guitar and heavy metal!”

After the recording process of the album, Omnium Gatherum will escape from the studio to get back on the road again. “We enjoyed the Finnish-Icelandese rivalry of the Arctic Circle Alliance European tour last year with Skalmöld and Stam1na so much that we wanted to do a European round 2. This time we’ll go to the islands of United Kingdom and Ireland, and also Scandinavia including Denmark, Sweden and Norway.”

Tour Dates:

04/26 Bristol, England – Fiddlers
04/27 Manchester, England – Rebellion
04/28 Dublin, Ireland – Vodoo Lounge
04/29 Belfast, Ireland – Limelight 2
04/30 Glasgow, Scotland – Audio
05/01 Nottingham, England – Rescue Rooms
05/04 Roskilde, Denmark – Gimle
05/05 Gothenburg, Sweden – Sticky Fingers
05/06 Stockholm, Sweden – Klubben
05/07 Örebro, Sweden – Frimis Salonger
05/09 Trondheim, Norway – Hjorten Scene
05/10 Haugesund, Norway – Karmøygeddon
05/11 Oslo, Norway – Blå
05/12 Aalborg, Denmark – Platform 4