Omega Infinity (Ne Obliviscaris, Etc.) Sign With Season Of Mist

Omega Infinity, the band featuring Marc “Xenoyr” Campbell (Ne Obliviscaris) and Tentakel P. (Todtgelichter), have signed a new deal with Season Of Mist. The group’s debut album will be released in 2020 and a teaser can be found below:

Campbell commented:

“Omega Infinity is an outlet for both T. and myself, a vessel for our darker explorations, and Season Of Mist ultimately was the best choice to help us on our journey. Signing with them was an easy decision considering their long-term ability to grow unique bands, allowing them to flourish with integrity and to be themselves. Also, Ne Obliviscaris has been working with them for years, and so I’ve a good relationship and understanding how they are…that familiarity will help when we’re lost in space.”

Tentakel P. added:

“Season Of Mist have been doing what they do for a very long time and raised the bar for many extremes – not only metal – with their professionalism. As they also served as the breeding place and birth ground for many ground-breaking acts that helped to form my own musical identity for decades, we feel honored to be part of the roster and aim to bring new extremes to the label! We will see you in The Deep Dark Void!”