Decayer Sign With Seek And Strike Records, Reunite With Sean Labrucherie

Decayer have signed a new deal with Seek And Strike Records. With this news, the band have also confirmed that they have reunited with original vocalist Sean Labrucherie.

Guitarist David Anthony commented:

“Since the beginning, Decayer has been consistently pushing to bring heavy music to the scene in new and different ways. Recently, we received the incredible opportunity to work with Seek and Strike and we can’t be more excited to join the ranks of some incredibly talented musicians and genuinely great people.

We have parted ways with our vocalist, Harrison Burkardt, and wish him nothing but the best, as we are all close friends. With that said, we are beyond excited to welcome our original vocalist Sean Labrucherie back into the fold. He is a top-tier vocalist and it feels great to have him back. The new material is quickly taking shape and we all look forward to an incredible future with an awesome label behind us!”