Decayer Premiere “The Dark Passenger” Music Video

Decayer have premiered a new video for their new song “The Dark Passenger.” This track is from the band’s new EP “Sonoran Death,” which will be released on May 19.

Vocalist Sean Labrucherie commented:

“The lyrics behind ‘The Dark Passenger‘ follow a broken man that has no control of his actions or emotions. A person fueled by darkness and driven to insanity by a figure haunting him every day. The lyrics behind Sonoran Death are all one big allegory and I had to engage with who this character was to the deepest levels to write this entire EP.

You will notice this shadow figure throughout the entire EP, as it is the main element of this concept. We all grew up in Arizona and creating an entire EP and story around the dark elements of this state, makes it even more epic.

We actually shot two new videos in a 20 hour period. This EP is a story and we needed the right people, script and visuals to bring it to life. From being buried alive to creating dark imagery around a character fueled with hate and a harboring shadow figure consistently following them, we have brought Sonoran death to life. We filmed on a major set in the central Phoenix area, where we were able to bring our vision to life.

Sonoran Death is Decayer at its very finest. Bringing Adam and Hunter into the fold and creating the 5-piece sound that we have today is incomparable to any previous release. Expect punchier and beefier breakdowns, stronger song structures, guttural vocal hell and the all around Decayer sound you all love, but on a completely new level.

We appreciate all of our fans and supporters who have rode this train with us since the beginning and it only gets crazier from here!”

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