Dead Eyed Creek (Satyricon, Ex-Triptykon) Premiere “Set Me Free” Music Video

Dead Eyed Creek (Satyricon, ex-Triptykon) have premiered a new video for their new song “Set Me Free.” Guitarist Job Bos commented:

“‘Set Me Free‘ was the second song I ever wrote for this band. It already started coming to life in late 2019 when Norman [Lonhard] and I started jamming on that main riff, which felt so incredibly heavy. It’s a very catchy song with a great groove, it feels very spacious and almost atmospheric at times but also like a brick to your head. ‘Set Me Free‘ is still one of my favorite tracks on this record and I am fucking proud of how it turned out!”

Dead Eyed Creek (Satyricon, Ex-Triptykon) Tease New Song “Set Me Free”

Dead Eyed Creek (Satyricon, ex-Triptykon) have shared a teaser for their new song “Set Me Free.” You can check that out below. Guitarist Job Bos commented:

“I’ve been digging deep into myself, my past, my mistakes, my good and bad sides. The idea was to create something based on pure and real things, things that a lot of people have to face in life, and I hope people find a piece of themselves in our music and can hold on to it. Just like many bands have done for us. No metaphors or hiding, it’s all real and it’s all there.”