Omnium Gatherum Announce New EP “Slasher”, Share Video For The Title Track

Omnium Gatherum have announced a new EP titled “Slasher.” The effort will be released on June 2 and it will feature the following songs: “Slasher,” “Maniac” (Michael Sembello cover), “Sacred,” and “Lovelorn.” An official video for the title track can be found below:

Vocalist Jukka Pelkonen commented:

“A powerful fast song with a message like a plea to oneself! The darkness within can be an ally or an enemy. You are both the hunter and the hunted! ‘Slasher‘ is also the title of our upcoming EP. This bad boy delivers two more OG songs and a furious cover. For now, check out the rippings of ‘Slasher‘!”

Guitarist/vocalist Markus Vanhala added:

“Hello from OG HQ! We’ll serve you a snack in between album cycles – it’s called ‘Slasher‘, it’s an EP and it rocks! This release is a two-sided coin: A-side is presenting our new guitar hero and team player on the other side of the Atlantic, Mr. Nick Cordle (who joined the band right after our ‘Origin‘ release); B-side is presenting two older songs which were recorded already during the ‘Origin‘ sessions and aimed to release as digi-singles (but here they are on vinyl and CD too now finally). Enjoy!”

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