Zulu Premiere “From Tha Gods To Earth” Music Video

Zulu have premiered a new video for their new song “From Tha Gods To Earth.” This track is from the band’s newly released album “A New Tomorrow.”

Vocalist Anaiah Lei commented:

“Even through the history of suffering and trauma, we have managed to push through and continue to strive in life. While we still continue to fight the effects of slavery and the long record of abuse to black individuals, we still prevail and we will continue to do so. In hopes that’s in the future, the generations to come can live in love and harmony as they should be and as we should have been.”

Director Malakai added:

“Working with Anaiah was a process that really cultivated the collective creativity through and through and brought me out of a very stagnant place after not filming my own art for years. At every step of the way he truly supported the vision of creating a music video that visually expressed the meaning of the song. Matr3atch is focused on visual worldbuilding alongside black artists through genre driven art, film and experimental media. We’re honored to have launched our first project with Zulu, an amazing group of artists who truly inspire us.”

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