The 69 Eyes To Release New Album “Death Of Darkness” In April

The 69 Eyes have announced that their new album, “Death Of Darkness,” will be released on April 21. However, physical copies won’t be available in the U.S. until May 5.

“Death Of Darkness” Track Listing:

01. “Death Of Darkness”
02. “Drive”
03. “Gotta Rock”
04. “This Murder Takes Two” (feat. Kat Von D)
05. “California”
06. “Call Me Snake”
07. “Dying In The Night”
08. “Something Real”
09. “Sundown”
10. “Outlaws”

Jyrki 69 commented:

“We started to make this album single by single, releasing first singles then an EP and now eventually the whole album. The method kept everything fresh and us on our toes while recording and writing new music. Our main aim was to get The 69 Eyes back to the Finland’s airwaves. Our music is still on the radio but over fifteen-year-old classics. How about new ones? The first single, ‘Drive’, made this happen and we hit the jackpot here in Finland by being a part of ‘Sing Meinen Song – Das Tauschkonzert’ mainstream TV music show format! Now The 69 Eyes are back in the spotlight and Finland’s top rock band is playing sold-out shows.”

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