Venomous Concept To Release New Album “The Good Ship Lollipop” In February, Premiere New Song “Voices”

Venomous Concept (Napalm Death, ex-Brutal Truth, etc.) will be releasing a new album, titled “The Good Ship Lollipop,” on February 24 via Decibel Records. The effort’s first single, “Voices,” can be found below:

“The Good Ship Lollipop” Track Listing:

01. “The Good Ship Lollipop”
02. “Timeline”
03. “Slack Jaw”
04. “Pig”
05. “Clinical”
06. “Fractured”
07. “Voices”
08. “So Sick”
09. “Flowers Bloom”
10. “The Humble Crow”
11. “Can’t Lose”
12. “Everything Is Endlessness”
13. “Life’s Winter”

Shane Embury commented:

“It was an amazing fun and creative experience, recording while there were COVID restrictions. We seem to only now dimly recall the whole process but this record lives it and breathes it…When the pandemic hit, we decided we needed to make an album that didn’t fit. We all loved so much other kind of punk and rock, so why not explore that which is, in essence, closer to our hearts? To do the same album over and over again would be boring.”

Kevin Sharp added:

“When Decibel released the Deadguy live record [‘Buyer’s Remorse‘] this year, my gears turned. Having supported the band in print and via flexi disc, we were stoked to see [Decibel editor] Albert [Mudrian]’s interest in this VC record. It’s a different kind record and deserves a different kind of approach. The music industry is in constant evolution and this approach to getting our music out seems like a good fit amongst old friends on our terms.”


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