SpiritWorld Premiere New Song “Moonlit Torture” Featuring Integrity’s Dwid Hellion

SpiritWorld have premiered a new song titled “Moonlit Torture.” This track features Integrity’s Dwid Hellion and an official video for it can be found below:

Hellion said the following:

“Keep your eye on SpiritWorld because the apocalypse is about to be fully unleashed! I feel honored to have been invited up to testify on their pulverizing new sermon, ‘Moonlit Torture‘. Unleash the fiend within!”

SpiritWorld’s Stu Folsom commented as well:

“‘Moonlit Torture‘ was produced by Sam Pura (The Story So Far, Basement) with Thomas Pridgen (The Mars Volta, Residente) on drums and features guest vocals from Dwid Hellion (Integrity, Psywarfare). Integrity‘s ‘Humanity is the Devil‘ was the first record I ever bought from a hardcore band when it came out. To say that album shaped my life and taste in extreme music would be an understatement! Hearing Dwid howl over top of my riffs is possibly the coolest shit ever!”

He also added:

“Yooooo our latest single ‘Moonlit Torture‘ Featuring Dwid Hellion of INTEGRITY is out now!!!!

Crazy story. Many moons ago, my older brother Nick and my twin brother Beez and I went to a record store to buy Rage Against the Machine‘s “Evil Empire” the day it came out. The record store had these listening stations set up with headphones and a set of selector buttons to switch between CDs. I saw the Pushead cover artwork to Integrity‘s “Humanity is the Devil“, hit play, heard Vocal Test for the first time and bought that motherfucker immediately! Hands down the most aggressive, insane shit I had ever heard. 🤯

At the time I had hand me down cassette copies of 7 Seconds “The Crew“, Black Flag, Misfits, etc, etc. But I had yet to realize that Hardcore Punk was it’s own thing.

Turns out that was the first album, the gateway drug if you will, from a real hardcore band I ever bought with my own money. I’m sitting in the Czech Republic as I’m typing this, my band is playing Brutal Assault today with At The Gates, Clutch, etc. And we got Dwid singing on our new song…

Sometimes this little underground thing is straight up, unfuckwithable magic! Jam that shit and let me know what you think. Dwid comes in Haaaaaard at like 3:26ish.

Thank you to Dwid, Mike Gitter, my dude Thomas Pridgen for beatin ‘the fuck out of the drums, Sam Pura and my Panda Studios fam for producing, mixing, engineering and Alberto for the excellent mastering job…”

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