Avantasia Premiere New Song “Misplaced Among The Angels” Featuring Nightwish’s Floor Jansen

Avantasia, the project featuring Edguy singer Tobias Sammet, have premiered a new song titled “Misplaced Among The Angels.” This track features Nightwish singer Floor Jansen and it will appear on the band’s new album “A Paranormal Evening With The Moonflower Society,” which will be released on October 21.

Sammet commented:

“There are still some special voices and artists left that I wanted to work with, one of them being Nightwish singer and frontwoman Floor Jansen.

‘Misplaced Among The Angels’ was already finished when I asked Floor to contribute to the song. She said she could imagine singing it, although she wasn’t 100% sure in the beginning if the lower range passages would suit her rather higher range singing style. But without further ado, she gave it a shot and she delivered unbelievably.

I personally think that ‘Misplaced Among The Angels’, complete with Floor’s strong voice, is one of the best ballads of my entire career.”

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