Iron Allies (Ex-Accept) Premiere New Song “Full Of Surprises”

Iron Allies, the new project featuring former Accept members Herman Frank and David Reece, have premiered a new song titled “Full Of Surprises.” This track is from the band’s debut album “Blood In Blood Out,” which will be released on October 21.

Frank commented:

“The unusual triplet beat, the guitar work I can put my soul into, combined with David’s distinctive voice that is always full of melody and never just screaming — this surprising mix serves as the perfect appetizer for our album.

This record cannot be compared to anything David or I have produced in our past. It’s at the same time standing on its own, while sounding like it came from the one and the same mold. You could say: the two of us have sought and found each other.”

“Blood In Blood Out” Track Listing:

01. “Full Of Surprises”
02. “Blood In Blood Out”
03. “Destroyers Of The Night”
04. “Fear No Evil”
05. “Evil The Gun”
06. “Martyrs Burn”
07. “Blood On The Land”
08. “Nightmares In My Mind”
09. “Selling Out”
10. “Freezin'”
11. “Truth Never Mattered”
12. “We Are Legend (You And I)”

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