Primus To Release New 7 Inch Vinyl Set “The Revenant Juke: A Collection Of Fables And Farce”

Primus are planning to release a new 7 inch vinyl box set, titled “The Revenant Juke: A Collection Of Fables And Farce,“ as part of Third Man Records’ “Vault Package” series. The effort will include six discs with individual sleeve artwork housed in a custom telescoping box. Fans that want the set will have to sign up HERE before midnight CST on July 31. Here’s the contents:

  • Disc 1: “John The Fisherman” b/w “Too Many Puppies” (on soft purple vinyl)
  • Disc 2: “Jerry Was A Race Car Driver” b/w “Tommy The Cat” (on bitter lime vinyl)
  • Disc 3: “My Name Is Mud” b/w “Mr. Krinkle” (on fermented orange vinyl)
  • Disc 4: “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” b/w “Southbound Pachyderm” (on bruised peach vinyl)
  • Disc 5: “Shake Hands With Beef” b/w “Over The Falls” (on ducky yellow vinyl)
  • Disc 6: “The Antipop” b/w “Coattails Of A Dead Man” (on generic turquoise vinyl)

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