Black Stone Cherry To Release “Live From The Royal Albert Hall… Y’All” In June

Black Stone Cherry will be releasing a new live album/film, titled “Live From The Royal Albert Hall… Y’All,” on June 24. The effort was recorded during the band’s September, 29 2021 show at Royal Albert Hall in London, UK and it will be available in the following formats: CD + Blu-Ray, LP, and digital. You can find an official live video for “Ringin’ In My Head” from the set below:

“Live From The Royal Albert Hall… Y’All” Track Listing:

01. “Me And Mary Jane” (Live)
02. “Burnin'” (Live)
03. “Again” (Live)
04. “Yeah Man” (Live)
05. “In My Blood”/”Island Jam” (Live)
06. “Ringin’ In My Head” (Live)
07. “Like I Roll” (Live)
08. “Cheaper To Drink Alone” (Live)
09. “Hell And High Water” (Live)
10. “Soulcreek” (Live)
11. “Devil’s Queen” (Live)
12. “Drum Solo” (Live)
13. “Things My Father Said” (Live)
14. “In Love With The Pain” (Live)
15. “Blind Man” (Live)
16. “Blame It On The Boom Boom” (Live)
17. “White Trash Millionaire” (Live)
18. “Lonely Train” (Live)
19. “Peace Is Free” (Live)

Frontman Chris Robertson said the following while at the iconic venue:

“When you’re a kid, and you see your heroes’ playing places, and then all of a sudden you find yourself sitting on the stage, it’s pretty emotional. But we’re gonna royally rock it this evening. You better believe that.”

Drummer John-Fred Young also commented on the show:

“To be honest, I was terrified. It was heavy walking in there. You think about how many great acts have played this place. The prestige behind it. We’ve wanted to play the Royal Albert Hall since the first U.K. tour in 2007. Dudes from the middle of the country in Kentucky to go out here and have built an amazing group of people that we care about and come to our shows and support us. To know that with all that hard work and dedication we have put into Black Stone Cherry, we’ve accomplished something here. Walking in that place, it’s just breath-taking. You walk on that stage, and you say, we did it, and it’s a feeling that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

Robertson added:

“We’ve headlined Wembley Arena, we’ve headlined festivals, but you walk into this place, and it’s different. I remember watching footage of Zeppelin here, and now we’re here.”

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