Evanescence Postpone Remaining Shows With Halestorm Due To COVID-19 Outbreak Within Their Touring Party

Evanescence have postponed their remaining shows with Halestorm due to a COVID-19 outbreak within their touring party. The concerts are now scheduled for January.

The band commented:

“Alright guys, we’re calling it. We’re going to have to pick up these last few shows in January. We’ve done everything we could to try and make it work but with multiple positive Covid tests in our touring party it just wouldn’t be right to continue the show schedule as is. All the bands and crews have been so diligent with every precaution to keep this from happening but this virus is a real bitch! We are all vaccinated and nobody’s symptoms are severe, we are very grateful for that.

This tour has been an unforgettable experience that we are so proud of. From the production, to our fantastic crew, to Halestorm and Lilith Czar and Plush- and most of all, to you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to you incredible fans for making this dream a reality, and making it mean so much more than we ever imagined it could. We have locked in the rescheduled show dates and listed them below. We love you!

Cincinnati 1/14
Camden 1/16
Pittsburgh 1/17
Worcester 1/20
Newark 1/21”

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