Twiztid Premiere New Video For “Neon Vamp” Featuring Cradle Of Filth’s Dani Filth

Twiztid have premiered a new video for their latest single “Neon Vamp.“ That track features Cradle Of Filth’s Dani Filth and it will appear on the band’s new album “Unlikely Prescription,” which is set to be released on September 10.

Twiztid’s Jamie Madrox previously commented:

“I’ve always respected Dani Filth and the legacy he has etched out in the world of metal and wondered what would it sound like if our musical worlds collided like peanut butter & chocolate! And like a true legend he rose to the challenge and what we recorded is the most anticipated collaboration effort in a great long while!

Filth added:

“It was awesome to collaborate on a such a genre (monster) mash-up with the guys in Twiztid.

Slightly reticent at first, when I heard the track i was like, ‘this is actually very very sick!’ and the vampiric subject matter quickly decided it for me. I really like the song, it’s bristling with dark energy and it definitely carries that ‘Blade’ nite-club vibe about it’s rap/metal swagger. I hope fans of both both bands and genres enjoy the track just as much as I did in helping forge the beast.

Like a vampire telling you to suck it, having a nice day?

We’re here to corrupt it!!!

Hell yeah!”

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