Wendy Dio Explains Decision To Put Ronnie James Dio Hologram On Hold

Earlier this year, Ronnie James Dio’s widow Wendy Dio revealed that the hologram of the iconic singer has been put “on hold.” Now, during a recent interview with Kazagastão, Wendy further explained that decision, saying that the hologram was too expensive to tour with it.

Wendy said the following:

“[The hologram] was well received sometimes, sometimes not; it all depends on the people. The problem with the hologram, and it’s great — and I won’t say never again — but it costs so much money, you can only go into certain venues because of the height of it and the size of it. It’s too expensive to travel, so therefore we couldn’t come to Brazil, couldn’t come to South America, couldn’t go to Japan, couldn’t go to Europe with it. So it limits you so much.”

She also added:

“So we are going out next year in March — the DIO band will go out again — but this time I found an ISO film, a 17-camera shoot, there’s an ISO one of Ronnie only. So we took that, and we’re making this with special effects. So it won’t be a hologram — it’ll be a film of Ronnie himself with the DIO live band and special effects. So we’re working on that. And that we can take anywhere. So we’re hoping to come to Brazil next year.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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