Dino Cazares Says Fear Factory Are “Talking About” Doing A World Tour With Static-X

During an interview with Overdrive, Dino Cazares revealed that Fear Factory and Static-X are “talking about” doing a world tour together. He said the following about that:

“We’re hoping we get to do a world tour and Tony [Campos] can do ‘double duty’ for each show. We’re hoping to work things out and take this package tour around the world. At the moment, we’re talking about it, so no promises just yet, but it’s definitely something that I think the fans would really want to see. It would be a dream to make this happen. If Tony couldn’t do it and was tied up with Static-X, then we would have a cool fill-in. I spoke to Matt DeVries [Chimaira], and hopefully he’ll be able to fill in. Matt toured with us before in the past during ‘The Industrialist’ era. He’s a really great guy.”

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