Black Label Society Release “None More Black” Box Set

Black Label Society have released a new career spanning box set titled “None More Black.“ The set will come with remastered versions of all 12 of the band’s albums on vinyl, a bonus rarities collection called “The Song Remains Not The Same II,“ a 32-page hardcover retrospective book, a bottle opener, and an “Odin’s Demolition Squad” back patch.

Here’s the included albums:

  • “Sonic Brew” – black/white marble x2 LP
  • “Stronger Than Death” – black/apple marble x2 LP
  • “1919 Eternal” – black/brown marble x2 LP
  • “The Blessed Hellride” – black/silver marble LP
  • “Hangover Music Vol. VI” – black/canary marble x2LP
  • “Mafia” – black/neon coral marble x2LP
  • “Shot To Hell” – black/tangerine marble LP
  • “Order Of The Black” – black/grey marble LP
  • “Catacombs Of The Black Vatican” – black/tan marble LP
  • “Grimmest Hits” – black/olive marble LP
  • “The Song Remains Not The Same II” – grey LP
  • “Nuns and Roaches: Tasty Little Bastards” – black/magenta LP

Here’s the track listing for “The Song Remains Not The Same II”:

01. “My Dying Time”
02. “Blind Man”
03. “Graveyard Disciples”
04. “The Nomad”
05. “Scars”
06. “House of Doom”
07. “A Love Unreal”
08. “We Live No More”
09. “Cry Me A River”
10. “The Chosen One”
11. “Empty Promises”
12. “Lead Me To Your Door”

You can find a new video for “Blind Man” from the bonus set below, along with a “None More Black“ informercial and an unboxing video:

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