Cave In And Every Time I Die Hope To Do A Collaborative Tour Someday

In January, Cave In and Every Time I Die covered each other’s songs as part of a new “Two Minutes To Late Night” livestream series called “Splitsville.” At the time, an interview was also conducted with Cave In’s Adam McGrath and Every Time I Die’s Andy Williams, who touched on a number of topics including the possibility of a collaborative tour featuring both bands.

Williams said the following while discussing the “Splitsville” livestream:

“Me and Nate [Newton, Cave In, etc. bassist] were texting after the show, like ‘Yo, after this there has to be an Every Time I Die/Cave In tour, where like we’re all on-stage with two drums and everything and play both songs’, it would just be the best.”

McGrath added:

“That would be the best, it really would. It would be cool, full circle, doing all these things later together, it really would.”

In other news, McGrath also offered an update on the new Cave In album:

“We are writing a record. We did a session with Kurt [Ballou, producer/Converge guitarist], we have five songs recorded right now. We hope to have an hour and a half of music recorded by the spring, we’ve been truckin’ away with that. I see Steve [Brodsky, Cave In, etc. vocalist/guitarist] every two weeks, we do three-day hauls, then he goes back to New York. So we practice like three days in a row and then he goes back.

So we have another session Valentine’s Day weekend for three days and then we have another session scheduled in March, so we’re chipping away at a new record. I feel locked in with Cave In, more than since “Perfect Pitch Black“—that’s how locked in we are right now as far as like doing the band again, 100% locked in and focused, the most we’ve been in years. And it feels really good.”

[via The PRP]

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