Andy Williams Not Involved In New Project Featuring His Former Every Time I Die Bandmates

As previously reported, former Every Time I Die members Jordan Buckley, Stephen Micciche, and Clayton “Goose” Holyoak are currently working on new music together. It was assumed that Andy Williams was also involved in the new project, but that no longer appears to be the case. Micciche confirmed the news while responding to a fan on Instagram:

“Andy is not [involved.] He’s a full time wrestler and can’t tour full time at the moment.”

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Former Every Time I Die Members Andy Williams And Michael “Ratboy” Novak Were Jamming Together Again

Former Every Time I Die members Andy Williams and Michael “Ratboy” Novak recently took part in another jam session together. The duo, who appear to be working on new music, were previously seen jamming together last year.

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Former Every Time I Die Members Andy Williams And Michael “Ratboy” Novak Were Recently Jamming Together

Former Every Time I Die members Andy Williams and Michael “Ratboy” Novak were recently jamming together. Williams shared some footage of that:

Former Every Time I Die Members Share Footage From Recent Studio Sessions

Former Every Time I Die members Jordan Buckley, Stephen Micciche, and Clayton “Goose” Holyoak were recently in the studio working on new material. Buckley shared some footage from the sessions on Instagram. This news comes after the aforementioned musicians and Andy Williams previously revealed that they were planning to launch a new project following the demise of Every Time I Die.

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Former Members Of Every Time I Die Were Recently In The Studio

Former Every Time I Die members Jordan Buckley, Stephen Micciche, and Clayton “Goose” Holyoak were recently in the studio together. Buckley shared footage from the sessions on Twitter. This news comes after the aforementioned musicians and Andy Williams previously revealed that they were planning to launch a new project following the demise of Every Time I Die.

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Andy Williams (Every Time I Die) To Receive His Own All Elite Wrestling Action Figure

Musician/wrestler Andy Williams (Every Time I Die), aka “The Butcher,” will be receiving his own All Elite Wrestling action figure as part of Jazwares’ “Unrivaled” line. The release date for the toy has yet to be revealed.

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Former Members Of Every Time I Die Were Recently Rehearsing Together

Four former members of Every Time I Die, guitarist Jordan Buckley, guitarist Andy Williams, bassist Stephen Micciche, and drummer Clayton “Goose” Holyoak, were recently rehearsing together following the band’s breakup. Buckley said the following about the session:

“Yo how fuckin dope is it that the only person who knows what our new parts sound like is the dude that was staying at our Air BNB this week?! 😄 Thanks for letting us practice Connor! You fuckin rule!”

Keith Buckley Further Opens Up About Every Time I Die’s Recent Breakup

During the February 7 date of his “An Evening With…” tour in London, UK, Kieth Buckley further opened up about the demise of Every Time I Die. The frontman referred to the split as “heartbreaking.”

Buckley said the following [via Metal Hammer]:

“The term ‘artist’ never came up in my family. We never referred to each other as artists, we just kinda existed. And it wasn’t until I got sober that I realized that that artistic spark is fundamental to every venture that you do as a human being, and if that spark isn’t there, then there’s no energy to push you into the next thing.

So once I got sober and I realized that that spark in me had just been caked with resentment and anger and confusion and a lack of faith in anything, I saw it for what it was. And it was this poor little thing that was inside of me from the beginning, that made me want to be a writer, that made me want to be a musician, that made me want to go on tour, that then made me figure out how to deal with life in the public eye…

There’s been something that’s been driving me on. I think that it’s an objective fact that Every Time I Die existed for longer than most bands, so there was something in that formula that was alchemic, that was completely singular to us.

And I think it was the rivalry… I think it was just those two forces constantly battling which kept pushing the band along. And once I got sober, and I realized that that was a very antiquated way to power shit… [I thought] we don’t need to push the band forward with negativity, we can talk about things now.”

“I went to the band, and I went to the manager at the time, and I said, ’I fucked up a lot’. A lot of it was because of my drinking, a lot of it was exacerbated by a co-dependent marriage, but I said I’m on to that now, now we can really just address the problems that aren’t coming in from any outside sources, now it’s us. That’s all I ever tried to do.”

He went on to say that he started isolating himself to avoid certain situations:

“I really felt that that was was a good thing good thing for everyone, because I knew that there was friction between Jordan [Buckley] and I. There were a lot of things that happened during the pandemic that still haven’t come out between he and I that led to this, there were multiple attempts at communication, therapy and everything. I love therapy… and I went to it, and I encouraged it for the band, but it was cut off, and I didn’t know why.

I just feel like I was looked at in bad faith. And I understand that, because I was an alcoholic and I did a lot of terrible things, and so it’s easy to see someone who’s constantly fucking up their own life and just realize that every decision they make is gonna suck, no matter what… And I know that that bad faith filter had been put on for 20 years…

All I hoped to do was get a clean start and say, take all those filters away and try to look at me now as someone who is totally changing the way they’re living and thinking and speaking and interacting and communicating, and give it a chance: just pretend that I’m not the guy that you got used to. And they couldn’t do it. And it broke my heart.

“On that [final Every Time I Die] tour…it was undeniable that I was performing better than I ever have. I was at the top of my fucking game. And I did not see this coming… I was led to believe that everything I was doing was working for the betterment of the band.

I wanted the band to come out of the pandemic shot out of a fucking cannon, Because I knew that [2021 album] ‘Radical‘ was going to do it for us, it was going to be the one that finally got us to a Mastodon level, or whatever… I’d come out of a marriage with a new approach, and a new confidence to life…and I just wanted the band to have their time to shine.

It’s heartbreaking, heartbreaking. However, it is not the end of anything: I can’t even say what the state of the band is right now.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I know that, right now, this is exactly where I fucking want to be, and I’m very thankful to be here.”

Buckley also added the following about his future endeavors:

“I’m very open to making more music though and may even learn an instrument or two myself so I’m not so heavily reliant on other people to make creative decisions, have a little more control. I just want to work with people who are in love with the music and do it for that reason, you know? There are people I’d love to work with – [Cave In/Mutoid Man vocalist/guitar] Stephen Brodsky, [Fall Out Boy duo] Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley [both members, alongside Buckley, of The Damned Things]… I have options now where I’ve never had them before and so I’m just going to go where feels best.”

This news comes after bassist Steve Micciche recently claimed that Buckley’s erratic behavior led to Every Time I Die’s breakup.

Steve Micciche Issues New Statement Regarding Every Time I Die’s Recent Breakup

Steve Micciche has issued a new statement regarding Every Time I Die’s recent breakup. The bassist claims the band’s issues stem from frontman Keith Buckley’s recent behavior.

Micciche said the following in a series of tweets:

“This band of 20 plus years of hard work, dedication, doing it our own way and with pride was tore down and ripped away in a matter of 4 or so tweets at wee hours of the morning in December of 2021. A band that we were so immensely proud of was reduced to TMZ/soap opera ashes.. in quite possibly the saddest demise of anything I’ve ever seen in my life, and we were a part of it. While I’ve been cringing at even the thought of doing this, I am now choosing to stick up for my friends, coworkers, anyone that’s ever had a hand in ETID, and myself…

Our MGR retired in June. There was a seamless transition to a new MGR who was formerly our day to day point woman. She was incredible at her job so we were all comfortable with her and all 5 agreed to bring her on board. Privately, and behind our backs, Keith made a call to her.. saying he wanted Jordan out of the band. Immediately, an internal rift started. We canceled a live stream event, canceled a video shoot. The band paid for therapy for them. After ONE session, ONE, Keith had convinced the band that he could continue on and keep the band rolling..

after numerous talks about every member being more open, more transparent, we were feeling good about the future. We play a Covid comeback show in Buffalo. We find out from MGMT that Keith was trying to cancel the show even after every single safety precaution was humanly done.. so in full transparency, we got on a group call and asked Keith about it. He immediately called our MGR a liar, she started crying, he hung up the phone. Hung up. No accountability. We awkwardly sweep it under the rug and head into Furnace Fest and the radical release….

The tour started off seemingly well. Until we got 1 week into tour in Omaha. After the set, Jordan walked back on stage after kids were shouting for another song. While backstage I go “are we doing this?”, Keith replied “that’s your boy”. No, that’s all our boy… Right there was when I sensed this therapy session did not work. It immediately soured the rest of the tour moving forward for us. This is the band. These 5 guys. Everyone here are boys. Well, whatever we have a tour to do. We march on….

We were in full support of Keith traveling separate. We supported him in ways that I won’t disclose, but he knows, he had full support of the band. There was no crazy drinking on this tour. I don’t drink on tour. Goose doesn’t, Andy doesn’t. Jordan maybe 2 & 2 more for stage props Keith was showing up to shows 10 minutes, sometimes 5 minutes before set time, and while I mostly wasn’t paying attention due to my own pre show rituals and warm ups, it was casting a reasonable concern as to “what if the RV breaks down?” I have zero clue what Keith claims to…have heard. But there was zero conversation, I mean, zero, about replacing Keith as the singer of ETID. Keith knows that cause I’ve told him that personally and via text, NUMEROUS times recently and over the years. He stormed off the stage after the show and refused to talk to..

Andy & myself. We waited. We waited longer. His girlfriend told us “I’ve been trying to tell him to talk to you guys”. Well, we waited longer as she went to get him. Never showed up. We sat there for over an hour waiting. I could tell Andy was defeated and deflated. We all were.. The next morning as we woke up on Dec 3rd, we found out, via twitter, that Keith was leaving the tour. He never told us, never told MGMT. That’s how we found out. Keith sited mental health reasons. So, in full support of Keith like we have always done, we addressed mental health in a statement, wished him well, and hoped to play TTS with him. Also, keeping in line with band history, when Keith has left a tour for whatever reason, we have ALWAYS continued on. With whatever friend we could beg at the time to fulfill any obligations we had.

This time though we didn’t even feel it was right to have someone fill in. So, to not disappoint paying ticket holders, the 4 of us agreed to continue on and just have kids come up and sing their favorite songs. Does it suck not having Keith there, absolutely! But what are we supposed to do? We found out via twitter he was leaving and wouldn’t talk to us. So we posted that we were gonna do those 3 shows. Well, Keith somehow took that as a personal attack. What followed after that is still shocking to me and quite frankly will never understand it…

That statement was not proof of anything. It’s what we’ve always done. Whatever he claimed to hear did not warrant in any way shape or form the slander of a fellow band member publicly nor did it warrant tarnishing the legacy of the band we were all in for over 2 decades… We, along with MGMT, the label, booking agent were in absolute shock. While scrambling to decide what to do next, we got word that the ‘68 tested positive for covid. So we made the decision to cancel the final 3 shows and contemplate the future of TTS…

On Saturday, Dec 4th, I called Keith. He didn’t answer. So I texted him. He did respond to the text with a “if you have anything to say, say it here”. He also said “I don’t trust either of you” when referring to Andy and I. Wasn’t sure what we did but I looped Andy in on the text Keith led off by saying “i’m not talking, i’m reading”. The main bullet points of this convo are as follows:

His main concern was why Andy’s g/f unfollowed him on social media and why I laughed at something Jordan said in our dressing room that I don’t even remember happening.

He threatened to walk 3 times, let me repeat, 3 times during this convo. He gave Andy and myself an ultimatum to choose him or Jordan. What?? Friends don’t give friends ultimatums. He accused Andy and I of allowing physical and emotional abuse towards him via Jordan for 20 years Do you think for a second that Andy and myself would ever allow or stand for anything like that? We’re just waiting daily for a healthy dose of abuse to happen and let it slide? Never. Keith said the outcome of TTS happening was in OUR hands! What? You put us here…

We came to the agreement to play the Xmas shows for the kids and the bands that traveled. But I’m order to do that, we had to meet the demands of Keith: separate dressing room on the other side of the building, a statement saying we apologized although all we originally did was address mental health which is verbatim what Keith tweeted in regards to him leaving the tour, demanded no alcohol in the rest of the bands dressing room even though no one was drinking and Jordan barely was, etc. We play the shows with zero access to Keith. Not one word said..

During that week between the tour and TTS, Keith was accusing Jordan of making fake set lists to hand out to him (never happened), he was blocking us from his social media (only to unblock me on Dec 6th while I was at a Bills game to comment “noted”) super cryptic and when I… texted him to ask him what that meant, he didn’t reply. Look, he refused to take the stage any further with Jordan in the band. He dragged the band name over hot coals online for the public to see. Accusing Jordan of wild shit. Leaked private text messages between Jordan and… himself in only what I could imagine was some attempt to make Jordan look bad and didn’t at all. He threw that legal up some mic drop/dunk attempt that tried to make himself look like he was fired when his own lawyer even knows that’s not the case and you can see for yourself… it’s not. Look, at some point, you have to take your own life back. There were completely irrational tweets sent out ruining the thing that EVERYONE in the band built. We read between the lines enough to come to the conclusion that Keith could and would continue without us…

So guess what? I know some people don’t want the fairy tail ruined, but the band is a business. And the 4 of us rightfully so, were setting boundaries and protecting our interests. That’s it. That’s all that is. And for this to have even gotten to where it is is soooo sad.. I have nothing to lose band wise by posting this other than to stick up for a band member undeservingly slandered and ourselves. The band was already ripped away. I hope everyone understands how much this hurts every single one of us. Our manager QUIT management completely… because of this. Take a guess why.

I absolutely appreciate each and every one of you, sincerely from the bottom of my heart, and i will always remember these experiences. I ultimately wish Keith the best and truly hope he does find inner peace and no hate in his heart like he I know what has transpired online over the past month has been confusing, vague, sad, totally out of character, leaving people angry, etc. I know this, because Andy, Jordan, Goose, myself and every single person behind the scene to make ETID go have felt those with you…”

This news comes after Keith Buckley issued a statement to tell his side of the story. It also comes after Jordan Buckley revealed that the other members of the group are hoping to launch a new project without Keith.

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Keith Buckley Issues New Statement Regarding Every Time I Die’s Recent Breakup

Keith Buckley has issued a new statement regarding Every Time I Die’s recent breakup. According to him, the demise of the band “was inevitable.”

Buckley said the following:

“There is absolutely no hate in my heart when I say that whatever is going on with the guys from now on is between them and their God. Any emotional/ mental connection I had to them was thoroughly severed when I got that letter [separation agreement request] on Dec. 20th. That was where our paths finally diverged completely.

I need it to be crystal clear that after their Twitter statement (then deletion then retraction) on Dec 3rd, the letter I received on Dec. 20th was the only correspondence I received in reply to a request made for a conversation with them on Dec 7th.

They did not reach out to me to resolve the issue before Tid The Season. After TTS there were no attempts at contact from anyone in the band (nor our management) until Dec 17th when our manager unexpectedly quit. Still, no group conversation transpired. On Dec. 20th I was sent a legal document stating I was no longer a member of Every Time I Die, but the other 4 members were. That’s a factual order of events as I observed them and I need to establish this before going any further. This is MY Truth.

After I overheard them talking about their plans to replace me while backstage in Asheville on Dec 3rd, I played the show (angrily) and immediately left the tour. you all know that. What you don’t know is that as soon as I got home, I made multiple attempts to talk to them about their problems with me, since up to the day before the Asheville show I genuinely thought things were better than they had been in a very long time. If you saw me perform then you would know I felt that was true.

After that Asheville show I tweeted that I was taking a break to protect my mental health because, honestly, I was fucking devastated. The following day they announced- without informing me- that they would continue on the tour and allow the fans to sing ‘karaoke style’. Additionally, they quoted me as if I condoned or was even aware beforehand that it was something they were going to do. I found out on Twitter, the same way you did. They then retracted that statement and posted a message of support, claiming I was a ‘crucial member’.

Despite all this, because of their public announcement of support for me, I thought they wanted to make our resolution a priority. However, after days of being dismissed or outright ignored, my hope then became to try at least make TTS civil.

On December 20th, 2021, I received a letter telling me that I was separated from ‘the members of Every Time I Die‘ which included all of the members not named Keith Buckley. I was also given a cease and desist, forbidding me from using the name or logo. I immediately lawyered up. I then took the band’s name off all promotional flyers for the book tour. I redesigned my social media accounts according to this request. I streamed on Twitch and didn’t mention it. Check my work, I played by the rules even though their ‘cease and desist’ was not legally binding. I was honestly doing them a solid. For anyone concerned about legalities, I am still playing by the rules and am acting in accordance with the council of my lawyer.

The members of Every Time I Die‘ returned on Jan 5th with an offer to give me back the band and- instead of separating from me – asked me to take the ETID name back and continue without them, with the condition that they receive payments for using the name and all likenesses while I toured. The thing is, being given the band back and/or replacing them was not something I was interested in doing at this point in my life. Also, I do not see ETID as anything other than these specific members. I declined the offer on Jan 6th. If it was done, it was done, but I was still open to figuring out what was best for us all.

After that I waited for a response, but quickly became uncomfortable with the fact that tickets to upcoming tours were still being sold. It is my understanding that they had, at this point, no acting manager and therefore no one to take responsibility for their decisions. According to my lawyer, no one was responding to his requests to talk either.

On Jan. 17th, with pressure from promoters increasing, my lawyer sent them a proposed statement to discuss amongst ourselves. (Here it is for reference… ‘In a desire for transparency I want to let you know that I received a letter from the band’s lawyer firing me from Every Time I Die on Dec. 20th. there were no band discussions prior nor since. While the details are being legally worked out, know that I am in a good place and excited for whatever will come next. I wish everyone well and have no hate in my heart.’) I said that I would release it in 24 hours ONLY if they did not respond with an alternate statement or an interest in collaborating on a new one. As I saw it, something had to be said. I was not going to lie to people to protect ‘The Members Of Every Time I Die‘. No response. Later that night I was texted by a friend telling me to check Twitter. There, I discover that they have announced on behalf of themselves that we officially disbanded after the second Christmas show.

That is how I found out that the band I started when I was 19 years old was publicly over. In posting that without prior conversation, without legal consultation, without any personal sense of honor for the band we built, these men took away my ability to say goodbye to 20 years worth of sacrifice. That is one of the hardest things to stomach. After half my life in a van I don’t even get access to an IG page worth of memories. That, coupled with the incongruous stories that are being told to manipulate and blur the narrative for anyone that might one day look back on this, are to me a wailing and gnashing of teeth.

My Truth is that the pandemic changed me. full stop. I looked at my life and I realized not only was I unhappy, I was exhausted from pretending I wasn’t. So I stripped everything back until I found what I Loved. Then I worked to nurture that Love and set boundaries around it. Any growth that has transpired after that has been, to me, miraculous.

After I became sober, I acknowledged to the band the pain I had caused in the past and begged their forgiveness. I promised in return that I would allow the pain they caused me to heal completely and all hatchets would be forever buried. For those understandably unwilling to immediately forgive me, I promised my vigilance at finding the perfect balance of happiness and sacrifice.

In return, my mental health was thrown into question when it suited them. Or instead, it was used as a weapon against me when my boundaries offended the consciences of those repeatedly trying to cross them.

There are a lot of reasons this break up happened, but it could not have resulted in any other conclusion. This was inevitable. In all of its ugly confusion and negativity and rumor, our own deep familial dysfunction manicured it perfectly. Our problems with each other go back decades. We should have broken up in 2014 to be honest. But we didn’t, for our own reasons. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I continued beyond that point for no other reason than to connect with other people through my lyrics and live performance. In hindsight, I’m so thankful I stuck it out. FPU, Low Teens and especially Radical are important records that I feel needed to be made. I still sense Radical gaining importance, but the firm spiritual and political stance I took on that record became an insurmountable point of contention between Jordan and I. I, however, make no apologies for a single word.

If we are friends, if we have met briefly or if we had a whole conversation, if you have read anything I have written or Truly heard anything I have said and feel seen, then please know how thankful I am for all the love you have provided me and for all the beauty you have shown me along this road. this is the beginning of a new one, I promise.

To anyone just kinda concerned from a distance, trust me that I’m good. for real. I have had a month to process all of this. I am happy. You don’t have to believe me. It won’t change what I know to be true every moment of my blessed life. If you question my character, you can read any of my lyrics and see that I have been very transparent about my life and my struggles.

And if you don’t see me by now then I’m just not for you. It doesn’t mean we can’t mutually acknowledge that and go our own ways in peace. Unfollow me. Don’t support anything with my name on it from now on, it’s cool. We’ll both be better off for it.

Also, please do not send any hate towards anyone regarding this. I sincerely wish them everything they deserve.

I have absolutely no plans to comment further.

Perfect Love, Perfect Trust.


This news comes after Jordan Buckley recently revealed that the other members of the group are hoping to launch a new project without Keith.