The Pretty Reckless Premiere “25” Music Video

The Pretty Reckless have premiered a new video for their song “25.” This track is from the band’s new album “Death By Rock And Roll,” which will be released on February 12.

Taylor Momsen told Paper the following:

“’25’ is one of the first songs we recorded, I think it was the first song we recorded for the album. I wrote that song when I was 25, [and] we recorded it right after I turned 25. It’s very autobiographical, in a lot of ways. I thought it would be an interesting idea to figure out a way to go through all the years of my life and somehow calculate that and have it end with 25. But the inspiration was really drawn from me just reflecting on my life up until that point, writing this autobiographical song from a place of despair. When I finished writing ’25’, it was a moment where I noticed the shift in my writing. I took a bit of a turn, and I think that I got better.

On the record, it’s kind of the first musical shift. If you listen to the album from front to back, it starts very heavy and very dark and bleak, and about halfway through the album, it takes a musical shift. There is hope and there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that’s all very intentional with the track listing. ’25’ is kind of the first indication that there is hope. It was certainly a growing point for me as a songwriter, where I took a step forward.”

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