Slipknot’s Corey Taylor To Star In Halloween Horror Anthology “Bad Candy”

Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) will be starring in a new Halloween horror anthology called “Bad Candy.” The film was written and directed by Scott Hansen and Desiree Connell and it will also feature Zach Galligan (“Gremlins”, “Waxwork”). A September 2021 release is expected.

Here’s a description of the anthology:

“‘Bad Candy’ follows local Halloween stories of both myth and lessons learned in the community of New Salem. With its annual Psychotronic FM Halloween show, re-enactment radio DJs Chilly Billy and Paul weave the tales of the supernatural of years gone by. In this small town it’s a grimy ending for most, but will a few good souls survive?”

Taylor also commented on the movie during an interview with FirstGlance Film Festivals [transcribed by Blabbermouth]:

“It’s a pretty cool little horror movie that has a linear story going through it, but it’s really kind of made up of different short stories — almost like a ‘Creepshow’ kind of format, which is pretty cool. It’s basically re-enactments of the stories that I’m actually telling on the radio, for the most part. It was a small-budget film done by some people who knew my manager, and who had worked with him before. And they asked if I wanted to be a part of it, and I was, like, ‘Yeah, of course. I’m totally down.'”

He also added:

“I’ve been a horror fan my whole life, and that’s reflected in the movies that I’ve been in, the music that I make, the bands that I’ve contributed to. So it was just one more thing for me to kind of try and stretch. Any time I get a little bit part like that, I’m always down to try new stuff.”

Taylor also discussed what it was like on set:

“I got to work with Zach Galligan, which was really rad. I was a big fan of his work when I was growing up, and getting to work with him and meet him, he’s just such a cool dude that it just made it easy. We were there for two full days really kind of mapping out and filming everything. And we just rolled with it, man. We just had as much fun as we could, just making fun of each other.”

This news comes after it was recently revealed that Taylor will also be appearing in another horror film called “Rucker (The Trucker).”

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