Scour Premiere Video For New Song “Doom” Featuring Jason Momoa & Hate Eternal’s Erik Rutan

Scour (Pantera, Pig Destroyer, etc.) will be releasing a new EP titled “Black” on November 27. The effort will feature six tracks including “Doom” (feat. Jason Momoa & Hate Eternal’s Erik Rutan), “Nail,” “Propaganda,” “Flames,” “Microbes,” and “Subprime.” You can find a video for “Doom” below. Derek Engemann (ex-Cattle Decapitation) said the following about the EP:

“The latest Scour is the best Scour. This is our most fierce and ripping album to date. Completing the EP trilogy, The Black EP brings a more mature musical approach without compromising the utter relentless brutality. We’ve got a few special gems as well that I’m stoked for people to hear.”

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