Airbourne To Release New Album “Boneshaker” In October, Stream Title Track

Airbourne have announced that they will be releasing a new album titled “Boneshaker” on October 25. The band recorded the effort with producer Dave Cobb at Studio A on Nashville’s Music Row and the title track is available to stream below:

Joel O’Keeffe said the following about the record:

“It’s a live gig in the studio. This is always something we wanted to do — find a way to bring the soul and power of an Airbourne live show into an album. Cobb caught our lightning and put it in a bottle.”

Matthew Harrison also added the following about the cover art, which was created by Matt Read (Combustion Ltd.) and Sean Tidy of (Design House Studio Ltd.):

“The whole sentiment we were after was about rock ‘n’ roll for life. We wanted to create something tattoo worthy, and that the artwork was classic and stood the test of time.”

“Boneshaker” Track Listing:

01. “Boneshaker”
02. “Burnout The Nitro”
03. “This Is Our City”
04. “Sex To Go”
05. “Backseat Boogie”
06. “Blood In The Water”
07. “She Gives Me Hell”
08. “Switchblade Angel”
09. “Weapon Of War”
10. “Rock ‘N’ Roll For Life”

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