Bloodbath Premiere New Song “Bloodicide” Feat. Members Of Carcass, Memoriam, & Cancer

Bloodbath have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Bloodicide.” This track features Jeff Walker (Carcass), Karl Willetts (Memoriam/ex-Bolt Thrower), and John Walker (Cancer) and it will appear on the band’s new album, “The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn“ (out October 26).

Bloodbath‘s Nick Holmes (also of Paradise Lost) said the following:

“The lads play a part in representing the backbone of the old school British Death Metal scene, which has also been a big influence on Bloodbath since the beginning.”

Jeff Walker also commented:

“I owed Nick a tenner, so he told me instead of sending the bailiffs round he would kindly let me pay off my debt by contributing vocals to his new album. Imagine my great disappoint when I found out it wasn’t for THAT band but, was in fact for Bloodbath. I have great faith in him that my vocals will be lower than his in the mix.”

Karl Willetts continued:

“I have known Nick Holmes for over 30 years – so when he asked me to do some vocals for the new Bloodbath album how could I refuse? The opportunity to do things like this in life don’t often come twice so I am really pleased to contribute in a small way to this legendary opus!”

John Walker added:

“Bloodbath is an amazing band and I’ve had the chance to do some vocals for their new, killer album along with eff Walker and Karl Willetts. It’s been a bloody honour and a lot of fun!!”


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