Gorod To Release New Album “Aethra” In October

Gorod have announced that their new album “Aethra“ will be released on October 19. A teaser for the effort was shared via Metal Injection:

Mathieu Pascal said the following about the album:

“We decided that I would be in charge only for the recording in my studio, and chose Daniel Bergstrand for the mixing and mastering, as we love his work for decades. It puts some pressure on me, firstly because I’m used to working alone with the production of Gorod albums. The tracks should be clear and perfect enough to be easily understood and included into the mix the way I imagined.

But also, because I still feel like a newbie compared to Bergstrand and I just didn’t want to look like an amateur job! Bergstrand and Mackrory did an awesome job on this album, the sound is powerful but still natural and balanced.”

Julien Deyres added:

“The moon: a star, an allegory, a universal symbol that concerns all peoples and eras… this is the central theme of the lyrical concept of this album which is divided into ten texts that follow a form of parity in terms of genres: four titles are devoted to female lunar deities, four to male deities. The remaining two are respectively dealing with the universal symbolism of the owl and the star itself.

The concept is basically a study of different cults associated with the moon through the ages and peoples. Some themes are treated in a purely narrative way, some others in a more philosophical or poetic way, but generally it remains a personal reading of each myth, which aims to awaken critical thought as much as evasion.”

“Aethra” Track Listing:

01. “Wolfsmond”
02. “Bekhten’s Curse”
03. “Aethra”
04. “The Sentry”
05. “Hina”
06. “And The Moon Turned Black”
07. “Chandra And The Maiden”
08. “Goddess Of Dirt”
09. “Inexorable”
10. “A Light Unseen”


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