YOB To Release Deluxe Edition Of “The Great Cessation”

YOB will be releasing a deluxe version of “The Great Cessation” on December 8. The effort has been remastered by Heba Kadry, and it will come with two bonus tracks, “Blessed By Nothing” and “Pain Like Sugar.“ You can preorder that HERE, and check out a remastered version of “Breathing From The Shallows” below:

Mike Scheidt said the following:

“With ‘The Great Cessation‘, we were revitalized from our break, we just had Aaron join the ranks with the single best new potential member audition (since Travis) and the album basically wrote itself. When we broke up, we played generally to very small crowds in a very small scene.

When we came back, our return was met with a scene that has caught up to what the genre’s best had to offer, and we all of a sudden had opportunities we’d never had before. Hell, we did shows with Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin, High On Fire, that were attended by 50-ish people in the early 2000’s.”


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