Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) Visits Paralyzed Fan In The Hospital

Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) recently went visit a fan named Aaron Foley in the hospital. Foley, who was left paralyzed after a car accident, had met the vocalist a few times before, but it was still a special meeting for him.

Foley‘s stepfather commented:

“On May 15, 2017, My Stepson Aaron answered a call from a friend who had lost control of his Motorcycle because a car ran him off the road. Aaron and several other friends rushed to help a friend in need. After safely getting his friend in a car to transport him to the hospital, Aaron crossed the road. He had waited for a car to pass, looked both ways after and proceeded to cross the street. That is when a Pickup truck sped past several cars on the shoulders of the road with hazard lights on and struck Aaron.

The accident Fractured all the Ribs on the Left Side, and 3 Ribs on the Right, Burst Both his Lungs, Lacerated his Liver, Road Rash all over his body, and he has had Spinal Surgery to Stabilize his back as he is Paralyzed from the Waist Down.

Aaron is progressing each day with the help of a determination, perseverance, and all around great attitude. He works with Physical and Occupational Therapy 6 days a week to get stronger and learn skills needed to adapt to his needs in a wheelchair.

Aaron has always been a huge Corey Taylor fan whether it be with Slipknot, Stone Sour, and other endeavors. He had been lucky enough to meet Corey Taylor 3 times prior, the latest being in Stone Sours Video for the song “Fabuless”

Aaron’s Mom with the help of many people at Rock 105.3 here in San Diego, reached out to Corey and setup a personal visit to Aaron at the hospital.

We can’t thank Corey Taylor enough to take time out of his busy day on tour with Stone Sour to visit Aaron. And we would also like to thank the Crew and Management at Rock 105.3 for helping set this up and helping contact Corey to make it all come together.

We thank everyone for their support, and if you would like to contribute to Aaron’s GoFundMe, please visit

Thank you,

Aaron’s Family”


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