Prong Reveal Details For New Album “Zero Days”

Prong have revealed the details for their new album “Zero Days.” The effort will be released on July 28, and the cover art/track listing can be found below:

“Zero Days” Track Listing:

01. “However It May End”
02. “Zero Days”
03. “Off The Grid”
04. “Divide And Conquer”
05. “Forced Into Tolerance”
06. “Interbeing”
07. “Blood Out Of Stone”
08. “Operation Of The Moral Law”
09. “The Whispers”
10. “Self Righteous Indignation”
11. “Rulers Of The Collective”
12. “Compulsive Future Projection”
13. “Wasting Of The Dawn”
14. “Reasons To Be Fearful” (bonus track)


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