3TEETH To Release New Album “shutdown.exe” In May

3TEETH have announced that their new album “shutdown.exe” will be released on May 19. Alexis Mincolla said the following:

“The album centers around the idea of shutting down consensus reality tunnels, which is a way to describe the generally agreed-upon perspectives of what is considered real.”

“shutdown.exe” Track Listing:

01. “Divine Weapon”
02. “Pit Of Fire”
03. “Atrophy”
04. “Oblivion Coil”
05. “Shutdown”
06. “Degrade”
07. “Tower Of Disease”
08. “Tabula Umbra”
09. “Voiceless”
10. “SlaveGod”
11. “Insubstantia”
12. “B.O.A”
13. “Away From Me“


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