Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) To Take Part In All-Star Musical Fusion Extravaganza “Rock Me Amadeus”

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider will be taking part in the upcoming all-star musical fusion extravaganza “Rock Me Amadeus.” That concert experience is scheduled to open in New York City in summer 2021.

The following was said about “Rock Me Amadeus”:

“ROCK ME AMADEUS brings together some of the greatest talents from the worlds of rock, pop and classical music, into an unexpected and nostalgic musical fusion and spectacle of a show you never knew you was possible until you experience it!

When iconic rock songs from Led Zeppelin, Journey, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith and Nirvana get uniquely mashed up with the likes of classical masters and rockstars of their day, Mozart, Beethoven and Puccini, Rock Me Amadeus takes you on a unique and edgy musical journey.

An unparalleled and diverse range of vocal talent highlight the cast, and they are joined by a second-to-none rock band, world-renowned violinist, symphony orchestra and choir. When you thought your favorite rock or classical music songs couldn’t possibly get any better or more exciting, Rock Me Amadeus proves otherwise with a fresh take that will have you singing along, dancing in the aisles…and rocking all night long!


Alyson Cambridge
Chloe Lowery
Kia Warren
Máiréad Nesbitt
Brian Delaney
Dee Snider
Toby Rand
Tony Bruno
Tony Vincent
Victor Ryan Robertson
Luis Guzman
Henry Aronson
Co-Creators/Producers: Tony Bruno & Alyson Cambridge”

[via Blabbermouth]