Zao To Release New 7 Inch, Working On New Album

Zao have shared a new band update that covers several releases including their recent split with Yashira and Tragic Hero Records’ “The Funeral Of God“ reissue. Aside from those, the post also mentioned that the band will be releasing a new 7″ titled “Decoding Transmissions From The Möbius Strip” in two different vinyl variants (limited to 400 each) and that guitarist Scott Mellinger will be finishing his parts on the group’s new album in the near future.

Here’s the band’s full message:


1) We are expecting the Yashira split to show up relatively soon and all copies will go out immediately. There are still a few red and blue copies hanging in there but not many.

2) Last we heard Tragic Hero records is trying desperately to get at the VERY least the copies of Funeral of God that have been pre-ordered manufactured and sent out as soon as possible. We would not expect this to happen within 2018. This release has essentially been out of our hands since we handed over the new masters and our art instructions. Aside from that we had nothing to do with the pre-orders nor can we personally reach out to the buyers as we do not have this info and everything went through Tragic Hero. We are massively sorry. Never again.

3) We will have a new 7 inch out (featuring 2 new songs that will be exclusive to this release – and like the track from the Yashira split will NOT be on our next album) probably at the tail end of 2018 or very early 2019. It is called Decoding Transmissions From The Möbius Strip. Two variants. approx 400 of each. No pre-orders on this. After this year’s pre-order fiasco it will be an immediate shipping once we put it up.

4) Scott is heading into the studio this week to finish up guitars for our new album. we are hoping for a 2019 release for this.

[via The PRP]