Vital Remains Guitarist Tony Lazaro Suffering Complications From 2020 Brain Tumor Surgery, GoFundMe Launched

Vital Remains guitarist Tony Lazaro is currently suffering from complications related to his 2020 brain tumor surgery. You can help him out by donating via GoFundMe.

Lazaro’s wife Natasha commented:

“Hello Friends, Family and Fans; Natasha here, Tony‘s wife and caretaker.

For those of you that know Tony,he is the main guitarist and one of the founding member of Vital Remains. Also know as ” Big T ” or Uncle Tony “. Tony is a big sweetheart who has always helped others, cares for his close friends, family,his fur babies and fellow metal community. He has a strong passion for playing live and touring the world. Now he needs our help.

For a brief background on Tony‘s medical issues:

In April 2020, Tony had a Emergency Sugery for Brain Tumor that was hemorrhaging,that caused partial loss of his vision,he had multiple surgeries, and long 3 months hospital stays for a brain tumor that almost took his life. The tumor damaged his Pituitary glands that caused weakened immune system, partial blindness, and the inability to work, he is not strong enough to tour with Vital Remains at this time. Tony is still weak from his surgeries, and is receiving physical therapy treatments to gain strength back for a better quality of life.

Recently, due to a weakened immune system. Tony was hospitalized for Pneumonia and a severe case of Influenza, which made him extremely ill and incoherent. Tony was able to receive emergency medical care and a treatment of Antibiotics and is slowly on the mend. This has added to the significant amount of medical expenses Tony has to deal with.

Due to his medical issues that began in 2020,Tony has been unable to work and has tried everything to pay household expenses, but the medical expenses and rising cost of living have left it nearly impossible to keep up with. Tony had to pawn and sold his own personal gear to help pay for medical expenses,household bills and personal taxes. Tony has always been a hardworker. This is difficult for him to ask for help. He misses playing for the fans and music in general.

The donations and support will be very helpful. Any amount would be appreciated.

We appreciate your love and support in this time in need.”

Vital Remains Recruit Thy Antichrist’s Scott Eames For Upcoming Tour

Vital Remains have recruited Scott Eames (Thy Antichrist) to handle vocals on their upcoming tour. This news comes after the band recently parted ways with Brian Werner. The group commented:

“Great last rehearsal with my brothers before we leave tomorrow for tour!! Filling in on vocals is Scott Eames Let the killing begin!!! \m/”

Vital Remains Announce November U.S. Tour

Vital Remains have announced a November U.S. tour. You can find the dates for that run below.

Tour Dates:

11/01 Albany, NY – Chrome
11/02 Buffalo, NY – Stamps
11/03 Toronto, ON – Rockpile
11/04 Detroit, MI – Sanctuary
11/05 Kent, OH – The Outpost
11/06 Cincinnati, OH – Top Cats
11/07 Chicago, IL – Reggie’s Music Joint
11/08 Lafayette, IN – North End Pub
11/09 Nashville, TN – The End
11/10 Atlanta, GA – 529
11/12 Fayetteville, NC – Drunken Horse Pub
11/13 Columbia, SC – New Brookland tavern
11/14 Chesapeake, VA – Riffhouse Pub
11/15 Clifton, NJ – Dingbatz
11/16 Brooklyn, NY – Gold Sounds Bar
11/17 Boston, MA – The Middle East

This news comes after the band recently parted ways with vocalist Brian Werner. The group commented:

“We are doing this tour! Even if we are still auditioning singers. Keep your videos coming! This tour was being worked on way before parting ways with our last singer.

Alot of work has been put in from agents to promoters, and we are not a band that cancels tours! We will honor these dates and we ask for your continued support! Hope to see you all soon! Thanks again for the over whelming support!!!”

Guitarist Tony Lazaro has since commented on Werner‘s exit as well:

“As you may or may not know we have parted ways with our vocalist Brian Werner. Last week after being sent the US Tour info for our up coming Tour,which is set to start Oct 31st to Nov 17th Brian quit! This was no surprise as he had quit four other times in the past seven years, but this making it his last.

This was coming for a while and best for both him and the band to move forward and to continue,so go our separate ways . He did us a favor. We will not get into any more than that at this time or shit talk. That being said we wish him well and we thank him for his work he did with us.

Now as far as anyone interested in Auditioning for Session Singer/ Fill In for Vital Remains, here are some requirements. Must be 21 years or older,touring experience,pro,hard working,good attitude,good stage presence,willing to tour any time any where,team player, good timing,Must be willing and able to rehearse with band in Boston/RI,valid passport,No criminal record, No Druggies or drunks!

All Inquiries Please send to Tony Lazaro or Vital Remains Official Facebook a video of yourself singing one of our songs, in full. Make sure the backing track is not louder than your singing! Finally We want to Thank All The Fans Worldwide for their continuing Support!!!! This is for the Best! We Will get the New Album Done and Release it next year in 2020.

“You All know I’m no quitter! “And after 30 years in VR and writing All the Music. I will continue to give you all my Very Best! Hope to see you soon! Metal Hails!!! Tony666”

Vocalist Brian Werner Quits Vital Remains

Brian Werner has revealed that he has left Vital Remains. With this news, the vocalist has also confirmed that he is working on a new project called 93.

Werner said the following:

“This has been coming for a min but today I have made the decision to leave Vital Remains. This has been coming for a little while now, there are things going on that I’m really not happy with and life is too short to have the one thing you love most in this world cause you the most stress and aggravation.

I’m not going into any other details nor will I engage in any drama or shit talking of any kind. I still have nothing but love for everyone in the band and I wish them continued success in whatever direction they go. I’ve given the last 7 years of my life to the band but now I need to focus on much bigger things in my life from new music and business ventures to my personal life as well.

Thank you all for the love and support from all over the world, it was truly one amazing ride and I’d be lying if I said this was an easy decision to make, but it’s a necessary one.”

He also added the following in a separate post:

“Thank you all for the massive outpouring of support yesterday with my decision to leave Vital. Truth is I’ve been working on a new project behind the scenes for a while now with Rithiya Khiev and Chris Joao and 2 others who will not be named yet.

The is being called 93. 93 is representation of both Love and Will as written by Aleister Crowley in The Book of the Law, “Love is the Law, Love under Will.” Which is exactly where my head is at these days, I’m ready to get back to loving what I do. The dudes are flying down this weekend to being tracking for the album that will be out early next year.

I was apprehensive about saying anything about this but this is the right time to give you guys a very small taste of things to come. This will be getting deleted later today as it’s not finished yet and just a small teaser.”

[via The PRP]

Jake Raymond (Ex-Vital Remains) Passes Away

Ex-Vital Remains vocalist Jake Raymond has sadly passed away. This news comes after former vocalists Scott Wily and Chris Ross both passed away last year. R.I.P.

Guitarist Tony Lazaro commented:

“I found out late yesterday some very sad news that a old friend and Vital Remains singer passed away. His name was Jake Raymond, and he was a good friend! Some of you might remember Jake was VR’s vocalist back in 2001 before we recorded Dechristianize album. He really love the band and always held us in high regard.

Even though i hadn’t spoken or seen Jake in a few years i always hope things were going good for him. I remember the last time i saw him he came out to one of our local shows in Providence and we had fun catching up and talking about the good old days! We laughed alot that night and i remember he started helping me sell merch and asked if i needed any help?

You were always trying to help bro and i wish i could have helped you bro. Thank you for that and everything else you did for me!! I will always remember the good times we had brother! This is really so sad. I’m sick of losing so many friends this year. This makes three Vital Remains singers that passed in the last year.

Three brothers i will not forget! Thank you Jake for your friendship and all your help when i needed it! Thank you for all your work with the band!! I wish i could have been there for you more brother,but we kind of took different paths. I hope you are at peace now. Rest easy brother and until we meet again. My Deepest condolences to his family and friends. RIP Jake“

Vital Remains Seeking New Drummer

It looks like Vital Remains are currently seeking a new drummer. The band commented:

“VITAL REMAINS- Looking for a new drummer! Must be able to learn,play, and record new album as well as tour full time! Also, be able to learn and play old songs correctly live.Must be hard working and a team player! Must have own gear and valid US passport. Anyone interested please get in touch asap through our FB page or videos can be sent to our email. Thanks! Please no mercenaries, opportunists, networkers, drunks, drug addicts need apply!

Vital Remains Announce Fall 2015 Tour With Necronomicon & The Kennedy Veil

Vital Remains have announced U.S. headlining tour. The band will also be joined by special guests Necronomicon and The Kennedy Veil (select dates).


Tour Dates:

10/15 Brooklyn, NY – Nihil Gallery
10/16 Frederick, MD – Cafe 611
10/17 Fort Wayne, IN – Skeletunes Lounge
10/18 Danville, IL – Vintage Villains
10/19 Chicago, IL – Red Line Tap
10/22 Wichita, KS – Corky’s
10/23 Denver, CO – Roxy Theater (with The Kennedy Veil)
10/24 Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Bar (with The Kennedy Veil)
10/26 Spokane, WA – The Pin (with The Kennedy Veil)
10/27 Seattle WA – Studio Seven (with The Kennedy Veil)
10/29 Petaluma, CA – Phoenix Theater (with The Kennedy Veil)
10/30 Reno, NV – PB & J’s (with The Kennedy Veil)
10/31 Long Beach, CA – Di Piazza’s (with The Kennedy Veil)
11/02 Mesa, AZ – Club Red (with The Kennedy Veil)
11/04 Lubbock, TX – Depot O Bar (with The Kennedy Veil)
11/05 Austin, TX Dirty Dog (with The Kennedy Veil)
11/06 Ft. Worth, TX – Tomcats West (with The Kennedy Veil)

James Payne Joins Vital Remains

James Payne (Hour Of Penance) has been announced as Vital Remains’ new drummer. Payne will join the band in 2015, to work on new material and play on their upcoming tours.

The following was posted on the band’s Facebook:

“I’m happy to announce our New Drummer James Payne from the band Hour Of Penance!!! He will be joining us in Jan 2015 to work on new material for our new album. We feel that James brings the speed, brutality, control, endurance and good technique playing that VR warrants. We look forward to working with him soon!

Fans can expect to see us in South America/North America Tour,starting Spring of 2015.”