Craig Locicero (Forbidden) And Chris Kontos (Machine Head) Join Forces As Part Of The Boneless Ones’ Reunion Lineup

Craig Locicero (Forbidden) and Chris Kontos (Machine Head) have joined forces as part of The Boneless Ones’ reunion lineup. The band are currently working on a new album, which will be released via Beer City Records.

Locicero commented:

“I was one of the lucky kids who witnessed The Boneless Ones play their legendary show on the UC Berkeley campus. That gig stuck with me to this day. Luke was a ripping guitarist and the entire band was on fire! It’s an honor to play his parts and add to their legacy. Max, Troy and Chris are all legends in the punk/skate rock scene. The Boneless Ones were legit! All of the newer and older material is jumping off with energy and sounds electric! It’s also a side bonus for me to play heavy, punk and trashy tunes with Kontos. We really never had a chance to do that until now. It’s so much fun to be a part of their relaunch. I’m more than happy to be a part of the fun. Because make no mistake about it, The Boneless Ones are all about fun.”

Kontos added:

“I’m so excited to finally be playing some kick-ass metal/punk/crossover music with Craig Locicero. Over the years, Craig and I have made some incredibly cool music in Spiralarms, but this is a completely different animal with The Boneless Ones. The energy and vibes are perfect. Craig brings that old-school Bay Area style back to the band, and Max, Troy and myself could not be more enthusiastic about having him with us. The new Boneless Ones record is going to be amazing!”

The Boneless Ones recorded six tracks live at the Mojo Garage in Redwood City. The set included three classics and three new songs titled “Heavy Is The Face,” “Cops And Robbers,” and “Tied To A Stake.” You can find a video for “Heavy Is The Face” below. The full set will be available as part of a streaming event on May 4.