Silent Theory Premiere “Shaking Cages” Video

Silent Theory have premiered a new video for their new single “Shaking Cages.” You can check that out below. Dakota Jerns commented:

“Shaking Cages is a song that developed from the feeling of being stranded on an island and doing everything you can to be found. It was also a direct statement from the band to showcase our growth from the last record to now. It grew from the wishful idea that if you set enough fires and shake enough cages you might be seen.”

[via Metal Insider]

Interview: Mitch Swanger Talks Silent Theory’s “Before The Storm” Single & More

I was recently given the opportunity to interview Silent Theory’s Mitch Swanger about the band’s single “Before The Storm” and more. You can read the full chat below.

METAL ANARCHY: First of all, What would you like to say about your new single “Before The Storm”?

SWANGER: We are always a band that is writing about the world around us, or an event or a situation that touches us. Dakota had a lot of opinion on the current opioid crisis, feeling like we’ve dug ourselves in way too deep, so how do we get out of it? What people don’t always realize is that there is help, which is why we turned our video into a PSA of sorts, including a helpline at the end. We are really proud of how the single turned out. James Hill of Amplified Wax Studios, produced the tune and delivered as he always does. The reception so far has been phenomenal.

METAL ANARCHY: How would you describe the music video?

SWANGER: The performance shots were cold. Not from an emotional standpoint, but from an actual temperature standpoint. We filmed the video in an abandoned warehouse in January, and I believe it was about 20 degrees. In between takes, we had to all huddle around heaters to try and warm up. It seriously was miserable. We lucked out, however, with our actors who did a great job of telling an addiction story. Usually we like to be somewhat vague in our music/videos so that people can derive from it what they will, but given that Dakota had written it exclusively about the opioid crisis, we felt it necessary to tell that story. We’ve had a lot of people tell us already that the song and video have spoken volumes to them, and in some cases, even pulled them down from a ledge. It touches us deeply to hear that our music touches you deeply. Those comments don’t go unnoticed by any means, and we are always humbled.

METAL ANARCHY: Is this just a standalone single, or can fans expect a new album in the near future?

SWANGER: This is not just a standalone single. We are finishing up some of the writing and plan on heading back to the studio late winter, early spring to finish the album. As of right now, fans can expect a late spring release.

METAL ANARCHY: Last month, you participated in the Headbangers Con in Portland, OR and it looked like it was a pretty cool event. What was that experience like?

SWANGER: Headbangers Con was amazing! Chris and David were amazing dudes, and did a great job in putting the Con together. Events like that are always so much fun because it brings a family of rockers together from all over the place to celebrate the music we all love. It doesn’t matter what backgrounds or stories we all have, we come together and unite as a family over the tunes. It sounds like they are wanting to put the Con on the road, so make sure you stay tuned to see if it comes near you. If it does, be sure to attend.

METAL ANARCHY: 2018 is almost over. What was your highlight of the year?

SWANGER: This is a tough question, and not sure that I’d be able to name just one highlight. We played some amazing festivals this summer, such as Rocklahoma and Metal In The Mountains which were a very rewarding experience. We also had some radio success with “Watch Me Burn” reaching #62 on the All Access Mediabase charts. Something that isn’t as “sexy” but always a highlight and is important are all the connections we made over the year, both with industry members, but as well as fans. I remember someone telling us that they had driven down from Canada to see us at Rocklahoma. That’s not just a quick car ride. I remember thinking, go ahead and just dig through that merch table and take whatever you want!

METAL ANARCHY: What are your plans for 2019?

SWANGER: We will hit the studio late winter or early spring to finish the album, with a release in late spring, and then tour the album! Stay tuned to see if we will be coming your way!