Product Of Hate Premiere “Redemption” Video

Product Of Hate have premiered a new video for their new song “Redemption.” This track is from the band’s new album “You Brought This War,” which will be released on February 5. Guitarist Geno Rathbone commented:

“Making this video was absolutely surreal. To be filming and playing our music in a place with so much amazing history [The Kenosha Theatre] was mind-blowing. We shot this only a week or so after the Kenosha riots and everything was still boarded up and smoldering just a block or two away from this historic theater. Thankfully the venue was spared along with its history — and hopefully, its future. This video is our tip of the cap to our hometown.”

Product Of Hate Release Cover Of Living Colour’s “Cult Of Personality”

Product Of Hate have released a cover of Living Colour‘s “Cult Of Personality.“ The standalone single was recorded during the sessions for the band’s upcoming album “You Brought This War.“

Adam Gilley commented:

“We’ve been holding onto this for a little while now. With this crazy election going on, it’s truly a year that will go down in history to say the least and with that being said, we felt that there is no better time to release this song than right now. I feel It speaks volumes.”

Geno Rahtbone added:

“I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it as a kid. I thought Vernon Reid was possessed. I could never understand how he made a guitar sound that way — I still don’t! To me, ‘Cult of Personality‘ is the epitome of hard rock/groove. I get amped up every night that I see it on the set list, and the lyrics have always spoken to me.

Especially in these times, it’s important to see past the ‘celebrity presentation’ of our leaders and remember to treat the people we see every day with consideration and respect, even if their lifestyles and opinions are different than your own.”