Godflesh To Replace My Dying Bride At 2018 Maryland Deathfest

Since My Dying Bride have cancelled all their upcoming dates, including an appearance at the 2018 Maryland Deathfest, festival organizers have recruited Godflesh to take their place. That event will take place on May 24-27 in Baltimore, MD.


My Dying Bride Shoot Down Breakup Rumors

After My Dying Bride cancelled their appearances at various European festivals including: Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Madrid Is The Dark, Aalborg Metal Festival, and HRH Doom vs. HRH Stoner, rumors of a breakup started to surface. The band have now denied the rumors, and revealed that the cancellations came as a result of a family emergency.

Aaron Stainthorpe said the following:

“I would like to quash some recent rumours regarding the demise of My Dying Bride in the light of our previous statements. We most certainly are NOT splitting up and in fact are vigorously composing the next album right now. The reason we have had to cancel a run of shows is due to a severe and fearful illness that has struck a member of my immediate family for which I have now dedicated all my time until signs of improvement. The other five members of the band however are working hard to produce the next opus which will be our debut for new label partners Nuclear Blast and will be released in 2018. I will do my part when the time comes and I can assure fans that it is going to be suitably epic.

Apologies to all who were looking forward to seeing us perform live but rest assured, we will be back!


Aaron Stainthorpe”

My Dying Bride Sign With Nuclear Blast

My Dying Bride have signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The band are currently working on a new album, and plan to perform “Turn Loose The Swans” in full at the Roadburn Festival on April 22.


Here’s an official press release:


For 27 years, My Dying Bride Official uk from West Yorkshire have been the voice of the hopeless and broken, combining haunting sounds with crushing misery and melancholy. With their signature sound they’ve shaped the doom metal scene more than any other act, and integrated both soft violin melodies and violent death metal growls into their music, whilst always staying strictly loyal to themselves. Since the early nineties, the band’s masterminds and founding members Andrew Craighan and Aaron Stainthorpe forged beautiful grief into twelve studio albums with songs of epic length.

However for their 13th release, the band is now bound for new horizons and proudly announces their signing to Nuclear Blast Records!

Singer and lyricist Aaron Stainthorpe comments:

“It is with great pleasure that MY DYING BRIDE can announce they will be joining forces with the formidable Nuclear Blast Records in early 2017 and have already begun working on material for the next LP and singles. It is no secret that Nuclear Blast have continued to expand greatly over the years, signing epic bands from all corners of the world and giving them the chance they deserve to make something of themselves in the ever expanding metal scene. And it’s time that MY DYING BRIDE came along for the ride. We are hoping that this wedding between a very solid label and a well established act will bear fruit of mighty proportions in the exciting years to come.

Since MY DYING BRIDE rarely leave their damp catacombs to perform live rituals, each show is a highlight in itself and on April 22nd, the Brits will expose their legendary album Turn Loose The Swans in its entire length at Roadburn Festival. Together with Shaun ‘Winter’ Taylor-Steels on drums and a special backdrop lighting, the band will haunt the Dutch stage and deliver a truly unique experience.

My Dying Bride To Release “A Harvest Of Dread” Book/Five CD Collection In December

My Dying Bride will celebrate their 25th anniversary by releasing a new book called “A Harvest Of Dread” on December 9. This release is a 92-page 12″ hardback book, which also includes 5 CDs with rarities, early works, demos, band favourites, and live tracks. Preorders can be found HERE.


Aaron Stainthorpe said the following:

“From humble beginnings of demo tape, draughty rehearsal rooms and transit vans up to the heady heights of digi-packs, hotels and tour buses, we’ve done just about everything a rock n roll band is supposed to do. Members have come and gone, some lost forever and others staying in touch and all, thankfully, still friendly and welcoming. I look back at our extensive career, much of it laid out here for all to see in this impressive collection, and feel strong and thrilled at what our output has achieved”

Track Listing:

CD 1:

01. Vast Choirs
02. The Thrash Of Naked Limbs
03. The Snow In My Hands
04. Black Voyage
05. Apocalypse Woman
06. The Light At The End Of The World
07. Feel The Misery

CD 2:

01. Like A Perpetual Funeral
02. Two Winters Only
03. My Hope, The Destroyer
04. I Cannot Be Loved
05. A Doomed Lover
06. You Are Not The One Who Loves Me
07. And Then You Go

CD 3 – Early releases and pre-production tracks:

01. Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium (Demo)
02. Vast Choirs (demo)
03. The Grief Of Age (Demo)
04. Catching Feathers (demo)
05. God Is Alone
06. De Sade Soliloquy
07. The Bitterness And The Bereavement
08. The Sexuality Of Bereavement
09. A Sea To Suffer In
10. From Darkest Skies
11. Your Shameful Heaven
12. The Cry Of Mankind (studio Instrumental)

CD 4 – Pre-productions and rarities:

01. All Swept Away
02. Like Gods Of The Sun
03. The Whore, The Cook, The Mother
04. An Unforgettable Journey
05. I Believe
06. On Monolith
07. Glorious Midnight
08. The Fool
09. The Child Of Eternity
10. Scarborough Fair
11. Failure
12. Hollow Cathedra

CD 5 – Live in Voorst, The Netherlands 1997

01. From Darkest Skies
02. The Cry Of Mankind
03. The Dark Caress
04. For You
05. A Kiss To Remember
06. Like Gods Of The Sun
07. All Swept Away
08. Your Shameful Heaven

My Dying Bride To Release New Album “Feel The Misery” In September

My Dying Bride have revealed the details for their new album. The effort is titled Feel The Misery, and it will be released on September 18.


Feel The Misery Track Listing:

01. “And My Father Left Forever”
02. “To Shiver In Empty Halls”
03. “A Cold New Curse”
04. “Feel The Misery”
05. “A Thorn Of Wisdom”
06. “I Celebrate Your Skin”
07. “I Almost Loved You”
08. “Within A Sleeping Forest”