My Dying Bride Premiere “To Outlive The Gods” Music Video

My Dying Bride have premiered a new video for their song “To Outlive The Gods.” This track is from the band’s latest album “The Ghost Of Orion.” Aaron Stainthorpe commented: “When passion is so strong and so driven, even the Gods will be put to shame.”

My Dying Bride Premiere “Tired Of Tears” Lyric Video

My Dying Bride have premiered a lyric video for their new song “Tired Of Tears.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Ghost Of Orion,” which will be released on March 6. Aaron Stainthorpe commented:

“The track touches upon the most terrifying, stressful and harrowing period of my entire life — the near death of my only child. I have been down before, but it never hurt like this. This was true darkness and I was not sure my mind could take it. My entire world looked like it was going to implode but I was determined to fight all the way. Tired of tears was exactly how I felt. They had been flowing freely from me for months and I was a shadow of my former self. It is sad that this will continue for many others. Innocent people. So very tired of tears.”

My Dying Bride Premiere “Your Broken Shore” Music Video

My Dying Bride have premiered a new video for their new song “Your Broken Shore.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Ghost Of Orion,” which will be released on March 6. Aaron Stainthorpe commented:

“The first song from My Dying Bride for five years comes laced with passion, power and their unyielding desire to create the most thoughtful and heavy music possible. ‘Your Broken Shore’ is recognizably theirs despite an evolution spanning 30 years, it’s new and fresh but with unmistakable provenance and production surpassing anything they have previously released. This track represents just a taster of things to come as the new LP ‘The Ghost Of Orion’ is upon the horizon containing seven further compositions of deliciously crushing gothic doom/death metal.”

My Dying Bride Premiere New Song “Your Broken Shore”, Reveal Details For New Album “The Ghost Of Orion”

My Dying Bride have premiered a new song titled “Your Broken Shore.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Ghost Of Orion,” which will be released on March 6.

“The Ghost Of Orion” Track Listing:

01. “Your Broken Shore”
02. “To Outlive The Gods”
03. “Tired Of Tears”
04. “The Solace”
05. “The Long Black Land”
06. “The Ghost Of Orion”
07. “The Old Earth”
08. “Your Woven Shore”

The band said the following about the new record:

“A new album for a new era of My Dying Bride with fresh faces and a more accessible style compared to some of their past, highly technical releases. ‘The Ghost of Orion’ features compositions not only of epic proportions but of intimate quality too, from death metal vocals to the pained cries of a vocalist in longing, the L.P. will raise and fall like the beautiful landscape of Yorkshire in which it was recorded. With layer upon layer of guitars both heavy and harmonic, Andrew Craighan has created a rich soundscape that is beautifully epic, enhanced with violins and keys from Shaun MacGowan along with the ominous murmur of cello from acclaimed cellist Jo Quail. And speaking of guest artists, the wondrous voice of Lindy-Fay Hella (Wardruna) adds an ethereal beauty to the album. Adding his particular style of drumming this time round is Jeff Singer whose percussion exploits have elevated the bands’ rhythm section to another level aided by the effortlessly stylish Lena Abe on bass guitar. Aaron Stainthorpe delivers a compelling and often disturbing performance with his own particular style of vocals offering sincere eulogies along with the visceral carnage of a soul in pain, with poetic lyrics of a quality not often seen in this genre. This collection of songs is the bands most brilliant yet, honing 30 years of experience into the well crafted offering that is ‘The Ghost of Orion’.”

My Dying Bride Finish New Album

It looks like My Dying Bride have finished their new album. Aaron Stainthorpe recently confirmed the news on Facebook and said the band will let fans know when an official release date is set.

Here’s Stainthorpe’s full statement:

“It is complete! The new album from My Dying Bride! It has taken quite some time to put together but it is now finished and is with Nuclear Blast as I write this. There is no release date as yet but rest assured we will let you know once we find out. This album is a luxurious journey into a realm only MDB know how to create. It has the most lavish production of any of our past offerings and the sound is utterly stunning; aggressive, beautiful and layered with harmonic melancholy like never before. There is beauty here with slender moments of delicate hope enriched with violins and cello and the stunning voice of special guest Lindy-Fay Hella from Wardruna. And there is utter madness and anger with visceral death metal vocals lending a fearful edge to this dramatic opus. You will not be disappointed!! Cheers, Aaron.”

New My Dying Bride Box Set “A Harvest Of Dread” To Be Released In May

Peaceville will be releasing a new My Dying Bride box set titled “A Harvest Of Dread” on May 24. It will come with a deluxe 12-inch 92-page hardback book featuring interviews with current and former members of the band and more. The book will also include a foreword by Tom G. Warrior (Triptykon, Celtic Frost, etc.). Furthermore, the set will also come with five discs featuring rarities, early works, previously unheard pre-production demos, band favorites, and live tracks.

Track Listing:

CD 1:

01. “Vast Choirs”
02. “The Thrash Of Naked Limbs”
03. “The Snow In My Hands”
04. “Black Voyage”
05. “Apocalypse Woman”
06. “The Light At The End Of The World”
07. “Feel The Misery”

CD 2:

01. “Like A Perpetual Funeral”
02. “Two Winters Only”
03. “My Hope, The Destroyer”
04. “I Cannot Be Loved”
05. “A Doomed Lover”
06. “You Are Not The One Who Loves Me”
07. “And Then You Go”

CD 3 – Early releases And Pre-Production Tracks:

01. “Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium” (demo)
02. “Vast Choirs” (demo)
03. “The Grief Of Age” (demo)
04. “Catching Feathers” (demo)
05. “God Is Alone”
06. “De Sade Soliloquy”
07. “The Bitterness And The Bereavement”
08. “The Sexuality Of Bereavement”
09. “A Sea To Suffer In”
10. “From Darkest Skies”
11. “Your Shameful Heaven”
12. “The Cry Of Mankind” (studio instrumental)

CD 4 – Pre-productions And Rarities:

01. “All Swept Away”
02. “Like Gods Of The Sun”
03. “The Whore, The Cook, The Mother”
04. “An Unforgettable Journey”
05. “I Believe”
06. “On Monolith”
07. “Glorious Midnight”
08. “The Fool”
09. “The Child Of Eternity”
10. “Scarborough Fair”
11. “Failure”
12. “Hollow Cathedra”

CD 5 – Live in Voorst, The Netherlands 1997:

01. “From Darkest Skies”
02. “The Cry Of Mankind”
03. “The Dark Caress”
04. “For You”
05. “A Kiss To Remember”
06. “Like Gods Of The Sun”
07. “All Swept Away”
08. “Your Shameful Heaven”

My Dying Bride Part Ways With Drummer Shaun Steels

My Dying Bride have parted ways with drummer Shaun Steels “due to unresolvable drumming issues.” Jeff Singer (ex-Paradise Lost, etc.) will be taking his place.

The band said the following:

“Jeff Singer to drum new My Dying Bride album!!

My Dying Bride have recently had to part ways with Shaun Steels due to unresolvable drumming issues. Jeff Singer (Kill2This, Paradise Lost and Blaze amongst others) has kindly agreed to step in. Since Jeff’s addition the album has (musically) been completed and pre-production is now going great guns, lyrics and vocals are understandably still in the making but the band can prepare for the studio professionally now having 90% of the music in place and all drums complete. A quote from the band simply says “Jeff has been a light in a dark room, he breathlessly and seamlessly plays with the new music and intuitively seems to know what we’re asking for, he has removed a lot of unnecessary pressure from the band in an already testing time. At last something good happens” There are no definite recording dates as yet and still no song titles or album title. But it appears the band is forging forward.

Merry Christmas indeed!!”