Morgoth Officially Call It Quits

Morgoth have officially called it quits. This news comes after the band previously announced an indefinite hiatus in 2018.

The group commented:

“MORGOTH – The end complete!

It’s already been 2,5 years since our last updates and the announcement of an indefinite hiatus in regards to any band activities. Time surely flies!

In the meantime and after much deliberation, we can now announce that we have indeed reached the end of the road for MORGOTH.

It’s been an interesting and challenging ride since the band’s initial reunion and we will forever cherish all of the incredible experiences and great memories from these years. We thank ALL OF YOU for that!

Please keep enjoying and supporting the music that will forever remain out there for all of us. Best of wishes for a hopefully good/better new year 2021…Stay safe and stay heavy!!!

(1987 – 2020)”

Founding Morgoth Guitarist Carsten Otterbach Passes Away

Founding Morgoth guitarist and Direct Management owner, Carsten Otterbach has sadly passed away following a battle with multiple sclerosis. He was only 48. R.I.P.

The band issued the following statement:

“Today we received the devastating message that Carsten Otterbach passed away. Without Carsten MORGOTH simply would not have existed.

He was founding member, motor, pilot, musician and manager. Carsten opened doors for the band that would have stayed locked without him.

He was a fighter and never surrendered. Although to surrender was not an option he sadly had to give up his final battle against a malicious disease he suffered from for more than a decade.

He will remain in our memories as a friend and in our hearts as our brother.

We miss you!
Rüdiger, Marc, Harry, Sebastian”

Century Media co-founder Robert Kampf also commented:

“DEATH IN METAL – to the memory of Carsten Otterbach (Morgoth / Direct Management).

With a very heavy heart I learned that a close friend of 28 years, Carsten Otterbach has passed. Carsten had a decade long battle with MS, Multiple sclerosis.

While he was a trooper and battled it hard for a long time it was one of those battles that eventually take you down.

I will always remember Carsten as a very sharp minded, well read, business savy and at the same time very fun loving, tolerant, simply great guy.

He will always live in my heart.

Carsten fought very hard for his artist and was honorable as it gets. Legendary are the fights between my late partner Oliver Withoeft and Carsten. The 2 of them fighting was scary if you were in the room but always a fun story afterwards. Both were good friends and unfortunately did not make it to age 50.

Farewell Carsten, you will not be forgotten and held in very high acclaim by your friends and by several generations of metal artist.

Enjoy Valhalla \m/666”

Morgoth Cease All Activity For The Time Being

Morgoth have announced that they will be ceasing all activity for the time being. The band said this doesn’t mean they will permanently split up, but they will not be doing anything for the foreseeable future. Their only scheduled date will take place on June 8 at the Chronical Moshers Open Air in Germany.

Guitarist Sebastian Swart commented:

“Since a while, it is difficult for us to act flexibly enough as a band. The main reason is that we all live spread all over Germany. My individual reasons are the fact that I suffer from massive and multiple hearing problems, and on top of that, I will be moving abroad for my work.”

Guitarist Harry Busse added:

“This decision was not an easy one for us, but at this point it is necessary to take this step. The initial idea back in 2011 was to play only a handful of shows to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘Cursed’. The fact that we went on for another seven years and would follow with a new studio album, ‘Ungod’, wasn’t something that we had anticipated back then. We really enjoyed this time and want to thank all of our fans, Century Media Records and our management, Clandestine Music, for their support during these years.”