Power Trip & Fucked Up Members Join Forces in Masterpiece Machine

Power Trip’s Riley Gale has joined forces with Fucked Up‘s Mike Haliechuk and Jonah Falco in a new project called Masterpiece Machine. The band’s self-titled debut EP will be released on April 17.

Gale told Revolver the following about the project:

“For me, this couldn’t be further out of my comfort zone. Before discovering stuff like Big Black and Godflesh in my late teens, my only real flirtation with “industrial” music was maybe the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. Before adulthood, “digital” and “guitar” music fell into two distinct different categories.

As an adult, my tastes have evolved and I love lots of music that blends analog and digital tones, but a band where industrial music is a primary influence was not something I ever saw myself joining. I don’t play an instrument, I know virtually nothing about electronics, but I like to think I have a good sense for good music.

And I knew these Masterpiece Machine songs were good music. Still, this was almost entirely uncharted territory for me. The only mile marker I really had was that my vocals would be good enough to get me into the band, and I guess it was.”

You can stream “Rotting Fruit” off Masterpiece Machine’s new EP below: