Current And Former Members Of Arsonists Get All The Girls, Alterbeast, Etc. Announce New Project Lesser Animal

Jaeson Bardoni (ex-Arsonists Get All The Girls), Sean Richmond (Arsonists Get All The Girls), Garin Rosen (ex-Arsonists Get All The Girls), and Monte Barnard (ex-Alterbeast/The Kennedy Veil) have announced a new project called Lesser Animal. Bardoni said the following about that:

“We are four close friends writing raw, crusty, and pissed off music. No deathcore or keyboards, just grind, power-violence and old punk riffage. We’re looking forward to bringing our music from our practice space to your ears early this summer. Till then, in the words of Bill and Ted: ‘Be excellent to each other.’ Most importantly, be safe. The world has been a crazy place as of late.”