The Sword’s Bryan Richie Launches New Project Galactic Protector

The Sword’s Bryan Richie has launched new project called Galactic Protector and he is planning to release a new album, titled “Evening,” on June 28 via Burning Witches Records. You can check out the effort’s first single below:

Richie commented:

“I started demoing out song ideas for the next Sword full length almost immediately after the album cycle for our album ‘High Country‘ was finished.

While we were recording ‘Used Future‘, and as my band mates would be recording overdubs, I’d be tracking keys or processing midi in another room!

Some of the pieces I was writing were really exciting to me but most definitely not potential Sword songs, although the song that I wrote using Jimmy‘s drums, called ‘Intermezzo‘ did end up on ‘Used Future‘.

I kept writing and writing and eventually I had a grip of tracks — performed, programmed and recorded by myself — that led me to entertain the idea of a solo album, and Galactic Protector was born.”