Equipoise Premiere “Squall Of Souls” Video

Equipoise have premiered a new video for their song “Squall Of Souls.“ This track is from the band’s latest album “Demiurgus.” The group commented:

“Hey guys, we have our first music video out! It’s footage from our amazing Orlando show back when we were out with Beyond Creation, Fallujah, and Arkaik. Michael didn’t want to mime vocals (understandably so), so we used his vocals for this video. Hope you guys dig it.”

Equipoise Working On New Album

It looks like Equipoise are working on a new album. Guitarist Nick Padovani confirmed the news on Facebook, while also revealing that he is “nearly 5 songs deep” into the writing process.

Padovani said the following:

“I must say, I’m more grateful than imaginable for the reception we got with Demiurgus, but I’m even more excited for album two now. I feel like I’ve gotten this whole crazy technical thing out of my system, so I look forward to our second album being less technical in favor of more explorative and progressive elements. As fun as it would be to make a Demiurgus 2.0, I feel it would be wholly overindulgent and frankly redundant.

Expect to hear some more songs akin to Squall of Souls, but also hear things like more keyboard driven sections ala Rhodes electric piano, because I intend to let my more recent obsession with jazz fusion to shine. I really want to make something that is implicitly complex without having to be so superficially so.

I’m nearly 5 songs deep, and I really hope you guys like what is in the works 🙂

ALSO, there’ll be a lot less blast beats in lieu of sick drum patterns and what not”

[via The PRP]